Fucking while standing, facing each other.



Fucking while standing, facing each other. Not what two guys can manage, but two Lesbians can, if one has a strap on dildo.


Artemedos, during circa second century, popularized the missionary position, claiming it to be only proper and natural, due to its affirmation of man's superiority over women.

Others who supported the Missionary position, as being the only accepted sex position for couples, include Alexander of Hales, and the author of De securities mulierum which supposedly claimed that having sex in any other sex position, could cause birth defects.

In order to insure the conception of warriors, many Kerala Tribes believed that conception had to be in the male on top of the woman position (missionary position).


Both the 'Giver' and the 'Receiver' face each other, in a standing position.

This allows for intimate contact, such as kissing, touching and other stimulations.

Unless equal in height, one or the other will have to bend their knees in order to engage in intercourse.

The bending allows for penetration, and can be uncomfortable on one's back and legs.

It is also a good position for intimate genital stimulation, and for dry humping. (Where the climax is achieved without any penetration.)


Actual penetration can't be done by two men, they can still engage in dry humping, which is the placing of their penis between the legs of the other partner, and rubbing until they achieve a climax.

Prior to the release of the Kinsey Report, in 1948, this sex position was known by several other names.

Some of the names were 'The Matrimonial, The English-American position, The Mama Papa position, and The Male Superior Position'.

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