Where both parties engage in oral sex, while one is seated, holding the other party in an upright position.



Many ancient cultures, believed that oral sex was both unclean, and demeaning in nature. It led to many taboos on it, in some cultures.

Modern Islamic religious opinion, still seems to favor this ancient belief, of the genitals being unclean, and that oral sex leads to health risks.


The one doing the lifting, is also the one who will be seated, but will still require a fair amount of physical strength.

A good starting point, is to be seated in a high backed chair, to help provide back support.

The one being lifted, needs to position their head into the groin of the other, and then lift their legs up and onto the shoulders of the seated partner.

At the same time, the seated partner, needs to help lift up the lower body of the other, to prevent them from falling.

Ideally the one being lifted, once they have their legs up and on the shoulders, should try to wrap the legs loosely around the neck, to keep from sliding down.

It takes some effort, to position the one being lifted, so that their groin is now in the face of the one seated, while maintaining their own head, into the groin of the seated partner.

The seated partner needs to wrap their arms tightly around the back of the lifted partner, to help them maintain their balance, as well as to hold them close, to be able to perform.


This sex position, does require the one doing the lifting, to have good upper body strength.

Could this by why so many gays work out in the gym, or are addicted to working out? Also, could explain the attraction to twinks, from older mature men, who can easily lift a 98 pound twink.

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