A derogatory term, used to describe a male who exhibits supposedly less than masculine attributes.



Generally used to describe a male, who has more effeminate mannerisms.

A more mocking term, to imply a man isn't a man, in the traditional sense of manhood.

An implication that the person is showing signs of being a homosexual, whether true or not.

Generally used as a derogatory term, even if said in a jesting manner.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Can refer to someone who is weak in physical strength.

Also can be used to refer to someone, who is fearful of something, that most would consider safe.

Such as those who like a night light, could be ridiculed as being 'sissies' for needing a light.

A negative connotation, that can be mistaken for humor.


Also in reference to a female sibling, or to a relationship, in which the person is perceived to be just like an actual sister, to the other. Only difference being that they are not actually related by blood.

Unlike in its other uses, this form of use, is considered to be positive, a compliment, in most instances.

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