Using condoms, or dressing in rubberized gear for sexual fetishes.



Used in Domination / Submission fetish, the act of dressing up in assorted rubberized clothing, to highlight one's sexual attributes, or restrict one's easy movement. Used to heighten one's sexual arousal, in sex role playing.


'Rubber' itself has been around since 1600 BC, and was a miracle wonder when it was first brought back to Europe, from the Spanish and other Discoverers. It was used by the Inca's and Mayans for various needs, including footwear and water repellent clothing.

When this 'clothing' was brought back to Portugal, it is rumored that the man who displayed it was brought up on charges of 'witchcraft' due to the miracle of water being repelled from his rubber clothing.

(Why many raincoats today are some form of rubber compound)

When first introduced in England, it was found to be a good way to remove pencil marks, creating the word 'eraser'.


Wearing of rubber suits, while engaging in sexual role playing with a more violent nature. To use either as an outfit, or as a means of showing either domination, or submissiveness.

Some find the wearing of 'rubber' to be sexually arousing.

Rubber Gear can be of different thickness as well as type. Spandex or Lycra is a common use, that highlight the physical attributes it covers, such as the crotch, the muscles of one's legs, and so forth.

Primarily used by Doms (Dommes) to heighten their sexual organs, to taunt and tease their submissive's (slaves).

Other meanings

To describe a product, or to denote a particular fetish in the BDSM world.

(see 'Fetish' 'BDSM' 'condoms' 'safe sex' 'SandM' 'water sports')

Using Rubber - Not only meaning dressing up in rubber garments, but in using condoms, but also for laying down sheets, for protection of rugs, bedding, etc, when used in 'water sport fetishes'.

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