Playing the role of a pet, an animal during a BDSM sexual session.



Where one partner assumes the role of human owner, master, while the other partner assumes the role of an animal, exhibiting the characteristics of that animal, both in mannerism, and vocals.

The 'animal character' can be of any animal, but generally is of a dog or horse.


Non Sexual role playing by humans of animals was prevalent in many cultures, for rituals, specially in the Native American Culture, where members of the tribe would don furs and masks depicting various animals, such as wolfs, birds, bears, and so on.

Such role playing was considered spiritual in many cultures, or as interpretive to that time, meaning entertainment.


To assume the role of an animal, both in how one 'speaks' and 'acts'. If playing a dog, one would bark, when commanded to speak, while whiny when portraying a horse.

Other mannerisms, such as licking rather than kissing, of stomping the feet, as a horse would do, tossing of the head, and so on. It can be as varied as the animal chosen to be emulated.

Public displays can be mild where people wouldn't notice, such as the fondling of the back of their partner's hair, by the neck.

It can be as mild as simply barking, or can include all forms of extremes, such as the master 'riding' their pet horse, leading them around by the nose, or the use of 'toys' such as halters, harnesses, collars, leashes, and so on.

Practice (Associated Acts): Many specifics evolve depending on the actual animal / pet being depicted. Pony Play is one example, where the 'pony' needs to be 'trained' which involves the use of a riding crop, and other 'punishment' implements. It can involve shackling, or other restraints.

Noteworthy: Some engage in this form of role playing, to enjoy a less complicated relationship, where cuddling, caressing, are more the norm, than other acts. A more sublime submission.

Generally, the one taking the role of the 'pet' is the submissive partner of the relationship, however it is <u>not always the case</u>. A lot depends on the animal chosen, which can include mythical creatures, such as a werewolf.

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