The considered average length, and girth of a male penis, as conducted under proper guidelines.



The measurement of the penis, both for its length, and its girth, to derive an average size. Measurement conducted under proper medical guidelines, where the length is measured from the top, and the girth is taken from the average of three measurements from the circumference of the penis, at various points.


Both in Greek Art and subsequent Renaissance Art, the male genitals were not shown to be overly large, but where in fact considered to be substantially smaller than one might assume of men of that time.

It is believed that while Greek Art was almost obsessed with male genitalia, they weren't overly concerned about the size itself. In short, no size queens back then.

Uncircumcised penises were considered beautiful, more appropriate and desirable for the average male. The larger appearing circumcised penis was more or less believed to be grotesque, or comical, Something generally found in ugly old men, or in Fertility Gods, or animal/man critters.

History (Legend): The notion that other body parts can help determine the size of that person's penis, is mostly disproved, or at best inconclusive. While the concept that a person's foot size might correlate to the penis size is the closest to being possible, it is not proven.


To properly measure the length or girth of a penis, the penis must be in a state of full erection, without the benefit of chemicals or other artificial inducements.

Length is measured from the top of the penis, to the tip, while the penis itself is fully erect, and the subject is standing erect. The penis is measured while it is in a parallel state to the floor.

In addition, these measurements should be taken at different time of the day, during different days, and an average should be made of the sizes recorded.

Girth is done by measuring the circumference of the penis, in three locations. One just below the glans penis (head), the middle, and at the base. An average of the three figures is then taken, to arrive at the width of your woody.

As in length, this should be conducted at different times of the day, over several days, in order to insure a more accurate measurement average.

Self measurement from males is considered generally inaccurate, due to the male ego wanting to appear larger than they actually are.

Practice (Associated Acts): Study of homosexual men, at Utrecht University found that the majority considered the size of a penis important in their partner, while having a large penis was also linked to one's self esteem.

However, in studies dealing with heterosexual couples, while many males believed they were inadequate, or that their female partners would prefer a man with a larger penis, the fact was that most women were not concerned with penis size, and that those who were, generally preferred wider, over longer.

Noteworthy: While results seem to vary among the various studies done, the mean average, accepted by Science, is that the average length is approximately between 5.1 and 5.9 inches. The accepted average width of the boner, is 4.85 inches.

Non erect penis size was found to not determine or aid in determining the ultimate end length or girth when erect. In short, small flaccid penises could grow considerably larger, while more lengthier or thicker flaccid penises did not necessarily mean a much larger penis when erect.

In studies by staff, the average length of a flaccid penis was found to be approximately 3.5 inches

During Spring Break 2001 in Cancun Mexico, Lifestyles Condoms did their own survey, with 401 college volunteers. Only 300 managed to maintain an erection, without artificial stimulation, which provided the largest sample to that date.

They found an average length of 5.9 inches, with a variation of .8 inches.

The average width was 5.0 inches, with a variation of about 1/2 inch.

Other meanings

Age of those being studied, did not show any appreciative differences in penis sizes, or supposed shrinkage, as myths claim. Being older, in other words, does not mean your boner gets smaller than it was when you were a stud muffin of twenty.

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