A variation of the Acrobat position, that affords better intimacy, but restricts the mobility of the Giver more. Usually performed on a flat surface, like a bed.



Summary of studies, in 2005, found that the transmission of sexual diseases, teenage pregnancies, and abortions were considerably lower in secular based countries, where Religion was more directly involved in determining the sexual do's and don'ts accepted within that society.

The more Religious Zealots claim it is due to their influence, while others argue that many other factors contribute to such a disparage with more liberal leaning societies.

Standards of sexual conduct, can be linked to a society's religious beliefs of the time, as well as its environment, and social condition.


Ready for a workout?

Both parties are in a semi prone position, on a flat surface.

The Giver (the one doing the penetration) is first on the bed, and actually becomes, sort of the bottom.

Their legs are bent upwards at the knees, and spread apart, though not a great deal, just wider than normal.

The Receiver (the one being penetrated) mounts, by sitting on top of the Giver.

They too, are in a semi reclining state, with the legs bent upwards, at the knees.

However, they place their legs on the outside of the Giver's upraised legs.

This helps to open up their rear better, for a good straight forward penetration by the Giver's penis.

The Giver's arms are able to reach around, to fondle and play with the upper portion of the Receiver, and if you have long arms, a lot more can be fondled and played with.

The arms of the Receiver is generally up and away from the Giver, to allow them easier access for fondling the nipples, etc.


NOTE > As the Receiver has little leverage, movement rests on the Giver to control, and manage.

This also puts some added strain onto the thighs of the Giver, but what's a little pain for some good sex?

This is a great position to achieve a good angle for penetration.

It does help aid in stimulating the prostate gland too, and that's a good thing.

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