The practice of serving sashimi or sushi on the body of a naked male.



The practice of serving sashimi or sushi on the body of a naked male. A nice fresh snack for those into raw foods.


Rare practice from the Japanese.

Believed to have been first viewed in North America, from the film 'Showdown in Little Tokyo' with Dolph Lundgren.

Has also appeared in the movie 'Sex and the City' as well as in the 1993 movie 'Rising Sun'


Prior to becoming a living serving platter for this time of raw food, the model undergoes extreme training.

They must learn to remain perfectly still for long hours.

In addition, each model must be trained to withstand cold temperatures, as the food is usually served well chilled, as are the platters they may rest on.

All models are completely shaved, including the pubic region, for health reasons.

Prior to becoming the dining table, the model has a bath with a special fragrance free soap, to insure that they are free of any germs or bacteria, that could mingle with the raw food.

Upon completion of the bath, the model then gets a dose of cold water, to help lower their natural body temperature.


In some jurisdictions, a plastic covering is required over the body, and between the food.

The concept of a naked person, being used in this manner, has upset the more conservative cultures, though legal.

This practice of food service is considered illegal in China.

However it has become popular in Europe.

In addition, this type of dining and food service is also becoming popular in North America in such areas as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Florida.

If the model used, is female, the term becomes Nyotaimori.

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