Masters are the dominant partners in BDSM or dominant / submissive relationships.



Masters are given authority over their submissive partners. While for some this is a lifestyle, for others it is only during a session or scene. Submissive partners and slaves usually address doms as Master or Sir, and when written, the first letters of both are capitalized. Masters


Masters do not have to be expert at BDSM or D&S, but they act in a dominant fashion in situations where humiliating, controlling, punishing or binding a slave or submissive is appropriate. Some Masters have live-in or permanant submissives who may act as slaves or servants by doing things like housework, shopping, yardwork or whatever tasks their master would prefer not to do. Masters may demand complete obedience or be more casual. Masters and slaves often wear leather or other fetish wear and use BDSM or dungeon equipment. There are masters who work as commercial dominants who advertise for submissive clients.

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