Not to be confused with a Hafada Piercing, this is a piercing located just at the root of the penis, above the scrotum, but below the shaft of the penis.



Usually a piercing using a Captive Bead Ring Jewelry, it is placed just below the Penis Shaft, on the underside, and just above the Scrotum.


To pierce the fold of skin, 'Frenum' that is located immediately below the penis shaft, and above the scrotum itself. This fold is pierced, and the healing time is the standard 4 to 6 months.

Risk of infection is not fully known, as it is not yet a very popular form of Genital Piercing.

Multiple insertions can be done, though again, rare in practical use.

Practice (Associated Acts): It can be used in conjunction with other Genital Piercing. As an extension of them.

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