What is kneeling sixty nine? A variation of the sex position one is in a kneeling position.



A variation of the sex position, where both parties engage in oral sex, with each other. In this variation, one is in a kneeling position, while the other partner is held upright, with their head facing downwards, their legs above the kneeling partner.


Common misconception about oral sex, is that it can lead to pregnancy.

No such evidence exists, though in the heterosexual world, the possibility does exist,


Not for those 98 pound weaklings, unless they plan on being the one being held upright.

The goal is to hold the one partner, in the air, close to them, which will require some good upper body strength. If you don't have that, plus good arm strength, stamina, this is not a good position to try.

By kneeling, both are closer to the floor, so if you drop the other, it shouldn't be that painful, especially if they have a hard head.

Once lifted into position, one has to maneuver them into the right position, against yourself, in order for them to perform their task easily, and so you too, can perform your task.

It is important to wrap the arms tightly around the one, facing head down, and to maintain as straight a posture as possible. This avoids extra strain on the back.

Constant care must be taken, to insure where the head is, in relation to the floor, and to not let the arm hold slip during the action.

Practice (Standing Sixty Nine):

Similar to the kneeling position, but the kneeling partner is in a fully upright standing position.

This also requires a great deal of strength, and trust too.

To get into this position, one should begin from the sitting sixty nine position, but it is important to note, the one doing the standing, should at least be able to squat lift the body weight of the other partner, if not more.

Once in the sitting position, the partner doing the lifting, should attempt to get into a fully upright position, keeping their back as straight as possible.

The one being lifted, should have their own arms fully wrapped around their partner, and remain as still as possible, while being lifted.

Once in this position (standing) it may be necessary to adjust the hold, and position, to enable for better 'mouth to genitals' positioning.


Outercourse (non penetrative sex), in reference to oral sex, as making it to third base. This is usually a way for many to experience sexual gratification, without the pain or risk of penetrative sex.

A common form of sex, among many teenagers, according to a study done in 2005

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