The term referring to where three or more people are involved in engaging in sexual activity with each other.



Not to be confused with an Orgy. Group Sex refers to where THREE OR MORE engage in sex with each other. An Orgy contains at least FIVE PERSONS.

Group sex is where the 'group' engages in sex with each other, and is generally done for satisfaction, not done to an excess.

Group Sex, akin to Swinger Parties, are usually held in private, not in great halls or rooms with people milling about. Some 'group sex' parties are even restricted to not sharing of partners.


The notion that 'sex' was a 'private matter' between consenting adults is a more modern viewpoint. In fact it is not all that old, most likely just a few centuries old.

Ancient times did not feel that sex was something to be hidden, or only performed in absolute privacy.

While today's view of the ancient depictions of sex parties are considered 'orgies' or other lascivious displays, the Ancient World simply considered it normal human practice.

There were exceptions, such as the practices associated with various cults and sects, one being related to those who worshipped the Greek / Roman God Bacchus.

Group Sex became more discussed, and open, during the sexual revolution of the 1960's. Groups were formed that promoted such activities, and were wildly popular during the 1970's and 1980's.

The advent of AIDS and HIV has reduced the number of random group sex parties, though there are now 'safer sex' parties happening, where condoms, dental dams, are readily available for the participants.

There is clear evidence of such activity in ancient times, plus it is reflected among the animal kingdom as well.


Where three or more people engage in sex, of all kinds. This can be from where one simply watches a couple, to where there is full participation among all members.

Group sex is done in private, rarely done in public conveniences like bath houses or backrooms of bars, due to the legal implications. While the sex in those venues is random, it generally involves just two parties.

Group Sex in public is generally not only illegal in many countries, but is socially unacceptable.

Many pornographic videos contain scenes of three or more persons engaging in sex, usually as a finale.

Group Sex is also about where specific sexual acts might require the aid of a third party. While only involving 'three' persons, the accepted general term is 'menage a trois' or 'threesome' however, those definitions generally revolve around emotional attachments between the parties.

Such a pre requisite is not mandatory among those having group sex.

BDSM cultures generally involve far more 'group sex' activities than the more straitlaced vanilla sex of 'mainstream society'.

Practice (Associated Acts): Usually, this is where similar minded people engage in the type of sexual activity, that they prefer. Heterosexual sex for example, can involve having one male, but two female participants.

Gay Sex can involve two males, where only one is actually gay, the other either bi sexual or heterosexual, and involves a female for the non gay male.

Generally speaking thought, it is like minded people, meaning that in the Gay Culture, it is strictly males wishing to have male on male sex.

The sexual acts performed, are as wide ranging as there are topics. It can be strictly vanilla, or be more involved. It is also a frequent part of the BDSM culture, that involves the sharing of partners.

Noteworthy: While society seems to consider group sex as being immoral, illegal, and just plain wrong, the fact is that a large number of people actually fantasize about being involved in such a sexual scenario.

Many major studies have shown between 54% and 88% actually dream of / fantasize about watching others having sex, and of those people actually knowing they are watching or present.

Some contend that this fantasy is created by the way society views group sex, in it being wrong, hence the large number who think of it.

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