Sub culture of the BDSM community, based on the science fiction books, by John Norman, about the imaginary Gorean World.



The Novels by John Norman, deal with a society, or earth like world, which refers to the culture or people as Goreans, who subscribe to a specific philosophy, one of which is that slavery is not abnormal, or misplaced or morally wrong.

In the BDSM community, this is considered a sub culture, that subscribes to the basic principles, as detailed in the Gor Novels. This particular 'life style' is more than just during a sexual session, but is practiced on a more 24/7 level among its participants.

Goreans are classed as a sub culture of BDSM mainly due to its concept regarding slavery, which follows the 'submissive/dominant' concept in the BDSM Culture.


Due to an underlying theme of bondage, slavery, and sadism, Goreans have been lumped into the BDSM heading by many. While most Goreans object, the novels do have that underlying quality.

History (Legend): There are some who believe that the Gor Chronicles popularity was based on some people's attraction to the BDSM credo, but were unsatisfied by its 'limits' and others claim it was written as a counter to the growing feminist movement, which is used to explain why females are portrayed mostly in a submissive role, in the novels.


A Gorean is one who more or less lives the precepts, as outlined in the Gor Novels, on a full time basis, which is not just about the sexual aspect, but more of a lifestyle.

The primary differences is that in Gorean Lifestyle, the use of 'safewords' and other safeguards are not 'required' nor are 'negotiations' in the accepted sense of the BDSM community.

The rejection of such guidelines, as SSC or RACK, put the two communities at loggerheads. BDSM followers insist that by ignoring the risks, and not seeking proper guidelines between the participants makes them riskier, and kinkier.

On the other hand, serious Goreans, believe that their culture isn't about the sex, or that their sexual practices require consent.

Primarily this is stated as being due to their sexual acts as not being games, or role playing, and are far less extreme in action, than in the typical BDSM role playing model.

While Goreans are typically male/female groups, it is supposedly more about the ideals espoused, than just the dominant/submissive state of the group.

Practice (Associated Acts): Goreans claim that as they are about a more moral code, that follows well established guidelines, that is about home, job, and social order, and that they follow a rigid 'code of honor' which is why they do not require 'safe words' in their sexual practices.

There are some who do follow the more 'extreme' sexual practices of BDSM role playing, on a 24/7 basis, and may or may not use 'safe words' in those instances. However, most will claim to be a true 'Gorean' there is no need.

The basic difference is that Goreans believe that BDSM is about fulfilling a sexual kink, while their practice is more than just about the sexual relationship among the group, but of a complete lifestyle.

Noteworthy: In May 2006, in Darlington (UK), a house was raided by Police, following complaints of a women being held hostage. Investigation determined she was a willing participant, and the head of the house proclaimed himself a Kaotian, better than a Gorean.

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