Derogatory term used to define a subject, submissive in BDSM role playing.



A nasty/abusive term, used to refer to a submissive, who is generally adorned in a specific type of garb, that accents the crotch (for a male submissive) and is generally made of rubber or black leather.

The 'Gimp' is also wearing a bondage hood, usually made of the same material as the rest, which is termed a 'gimp suit'.

The hood is deemed a 'gimp mask'.

The term is used to denote an imperfection.

Noteworthy: The primary purpose is to create a sensation, or image, that the person is only good for one thing, that being their sexual organs or body part. It is used mainly in sadomasochism role playing, where the submissive wears this apparel.

Made popular after the release of the hit movie, Pulp Fiction.

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