A fetish, where one dresses in the garb of their favorite animal, and acts out in character to the creature they are dressed as.



A fetish, where one dresses in the garb of their favorite animal, and acts out in character to the creature they are dressed as.


Believed to be a recent phenomenon, due to the Internet and the anonymity it provides for many.

The actual concept of man and half animal has existed for many time. It goes as far back as Caveman times, where drawings exist, from that period, of half man, half animal.

Many attribute the rise of 'Furry Fandom' to the publication of books like Kimba the White Lion [1965] and the publication of, Watership Down [1972].

Disney's Robin Hood, where the characters are all animals is another classic example of Furry Fandom.


The majority of Furries, dress up in the costume depicting an animal, or the caricature of one, attributing human qualities to the animal.

These qualities include the ability to speak, walk on two legs, and actually reason.

Basically, they attribute human like qualities, including emotion, to an animal like figure, or an existing animal.

Sonic the Hedgehog for example is popular among Furries, as are other comics, depictures, of part animal, part human caricatures.

Many Furries subscribe to various art forms, specific to their genre, their passion. Magazines dedicated to this form are popular, though not easily obtained..

There are those who will dress up in a caricature of an animal, not true to the animal's appearance.

This may simply involve an animal like head with tail, or such other features, typical of an animal.

Others will actually be dressed in authentic garb, some even resorting to using the actual animal fur.

Costumes can be very extravagant, ranging in prices that include mechanical devices, to simulate the animal's specific characteristics.

Some 'commercially' made costumes can run in excess of $10,000.00 and are usually made by other Furries.

Practice (Associated Acts):

A non scientific study claims that approximately 19-25% of Furries, are homosexual, about 37-48% are bisexual.

According to this report, only about 2% have any Zoophilia tendencies, which is engaging in sexual activity by a human, with an animal [Bestiality].

Most are involved in online gaming, relevant to their Furry Creation.

Generally it does not involve any sexual eroticism.

In most instances, being a 'furry' is more about role playing, than actually perceiving themselves to be an animal with human characteristics.

Some studies claim that only about 6% of those sampled, perceived themselves to be 'other than human.'


There are some, a minority among Furries, who achieve sexual arousal, by others dressed in animal caricatures.

Some claim that is a form of bestiality, the desire or/and sexual attraction to another human dressed as an animal.

Within the Furry Community, the term used to describe those who participate in sexual encounters with other Furries, is YIFF.

The negative press about many involved in Furry Fandom, is mainly believed to be exaggerated. Especially true in regards to the various Furry Conventions that take place all over.

Media coverage has mainly focused on those antics, that have been shown to be a minority occurrence.

Estimates believe that over half of those who consider themselves “Furries” are in a relationship, with about 75% of those being another 'Furry'.

It is believed that at least 40% of Furries will attend at least one Furry Fandom Convention each year.

The largest convention, held annually in Pittsburgh, is believed to contribute about $3 Million to the local economy.

A 2007 study found that those who considered themselves Furries, enjoyed a higher than usual appreciation of, and use of, comics, cartoons, at a younger age, than a control group of non furries.

The conclusion drawn, being that these people were influenced somehow, by the comics, cartoon shows, they viewed as a child or that they had a much deeper appreciation of what was being portrayed.

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