Having an abnormal sexual attraction to a stranger, to a person unknown.



To obsess over one's perceived attraction and love to a perfect stranger, or to someone, one barely knows other than by sight, or reputation.

Could be considered a strong delusion, a sign of mental disorder, as one assumes that the affection or love, is reciprocated, if given the chance.


References to this condition, can be found in very early works of such historical people as Hippocrates, Plutarch, Galen.

First noted in psychiatric works as early as 1623, in a work by Jacques Ferrand.


The basic condition, is where one has an unshakeable belief, that the person they are attracted to, has a secret love back, for them.

No amount of contrary evidence can shake that inner belief.

These delusions, are generally considered a sign of a deeper disorder, such as Schizophrenia.

In such cases, there are some drug therapies / medications, that can aid in treatment.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Other traits may show up, for those suffering from this delusion of a secret love.

They can believe that secret messages, or code, are being sent to them, especially if the object of their love is a public figure of some note.


Has been referred to as Old Maid's Psychosis, Erotic Paranoia, and de Clerambault's syndrome.

Many celebrities have been the object of such delusions.

The assassination attempt on President Reagan, by John Hinckley Jr. was believed to be the acting out of such a delusion, in that he was obsessed with actress Jodie Foster, and that his act, would draw her out to publicly proclaim her love for him.

Many celebrities such as Madonna, David Lettermen, Britney Spears, Linda Ronstadt, and others, have been notable targets.

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