The part of the body, that when touched in a special way, create a sexual arousal in the receiving person.



The various parts of the body, that are highly susceptible to being manipulated, to arouse a person. Most body parts have some region, that is more tender, more sensitive to arousal than others. Though in some cases it is also how the touch is done, or to what degree of pressure is applied. Too much can create an opposite reaction, while too little can cause no arousal, or limited arousal.


While it can be varied, both women and men share general areas of their body, which when properly stimulated, can create a sexual reaction.


Skin on the side or back of the neck, armpits, and chest, are areas of the body that can be stimulated by excessive tickling, or exaggerated tickling. These type of areas, create less of a sexual response than more specific types, but can still be used in one's overall attempt at arousal.

Anus - the softer tissue is also where the nerve network is closer to the surface, and is deep inside as well. Thus using a thicker object, into the anal tunnel, will create a more pleasurable sensation. It is one explanation at why penetration can hurt, but once inside, can be so enjoyable.

The skin around the anus, carries further inside, is more sensitive to pressure and touch, causing heighten arousal. Rimming is one practice that takes advantage of this method of stimulation.

Lips - Nerve endings near the top allow for a greater transmission of feelings.

Mouth - Where the tastebuds are located, which when activated, can lead to heighten sexual reactions. Taste and Smell are both triggers. A further area where high concentration of specific nerve endings are located, close to the surface.

Eyes - Kissing of the eyes, creates a sensation, due to the membrane covering the eye, of course this assumes no contacts in place.

Nostrils - Inside the nostrils, is highly sensitive to touching, licking, and while many claim disgust at it, 94% find it arousing. Again, due to the sensitive hairs inside and their number, it helps transmit pleasure.

Ears - The biting or nibbling on the ear, or blowing in the air, or even penetrating the ear canal with one's tongue creates a highly pleasurable sensation, that is transmitted throughout the entire body, and not just that particular spot.

Fingers - The tips of the fingers are highly sensitive, with a high collection of nerves. Light nibbling, kissing can create a sexual reaction, or state of arousal for many.

Light touches create more responsive results, such as the light raking of the teeth over the tips, or the light licking of them. In addition, the joints can be sensitive, with either light or firm pressure.

Feet and Toes - The sucking of toes, or licking of them, is similar to that of a finger tip. The toes are as sensitive, if not more so, and can be more ticklish or the one ticklish spot of a person. If tickling is a turn on, this is a must spot to concentrate on.

The soles of the feet are more prone to create a sexual reaction, when gently rubbed and massaged. Licking and such might create a ticklish feeling, rather than one of comfort, of arousal.

Neck - Very sensitive area, where blood vessels are close, and can rupture, hence the appearance of what some term as 'love bites'. Light pressure, kissing, licking, will elicit a more sensual arousal, than rough kissing, or even hard biting.

Light nibbling, that don't leave marks, can be another way of stimulation on the neck region.

Scalp - Either a means of relaxation, easing of tension or arousal, a light massage of the scalp can be one way to set the mood. Gentle pressure is applied, to create the relaxation, as well as the arousal.

Breasts - The size really has no effect other than the larger the breast region, the more force can be applied to create sexual arousal. The smaller the breast region, then less force is needed to create a highly charged sexual reaction.

The reason is that this area has the same number of nerve networks, irrespective of the size of the area.

Male Genitalia - While the head of the penis, and ridge of skin around the head are most sensitive to touch, light caressing, the scrotum is also considered a highly sensitive erogenous zone.

Even the light blowing of wind, or breath, can create a sexual reaction from this region of the male body.

Using a light touch, a gentle caress of the more leathery skin of the scrotum, can create a heighten sexual arousal, than rough squeezing or biting. The tiny hairs are also very sensitive, and make the 'sac' a good target for creating a quick result.

It can also be quite ticklish.

Light touching of the skin between the base of the penis, and the anus, can also create a strong erection in most males. In addition, applying some firm pressure to that region, in a stroking motion, just prior to ejaculation, can result in an even stronger orgasm.

Due to the high amount of nerve endings, and closeness of the various nerve networks in the foreskin (prepuce), it can be highly sensitive to light touch.

Noteworthy: For a male, the penis is the most sensitive of erogenous zones.

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