The removal of hair, as a cosmetic procedure or as a apart of BDSM play.



The removal of hair, as a cosmetic procedure, usually does not include the Pubic hair, of either genders. However, pubic hair removal, is generally considered kinky, and is a practice favoured mainly by males. Pubic hair removal is a part of many BDSM role playing, as part of the control and humiliation aspect.


Generally, shaving is the commonest form of depilation, however, other methods exist.

Waxing, is one favoured where pain is also a desired effect.

Hot wax is applied, allowed to cool, then is forcibly removed, taking the hair with it, causing intense pain.

The concept of shaving the pubic hair, is part of the process, to exert control over the submissive, to humiliate them.

Pubic depilation also has the health benefit, of controlling the spread of pubic lice.

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