When a person takes a penis, completely into their mouth and throat, up to the testicles, or even beyond.



To suck a fully erect penis, taking the entire penis into the mouth and down the throat. This can include being able to take the scrotum into the mouth at the same time or not.

However the basic minimum is to have the entire penis, to the very hilt, groin, in the mouth.


History (Legend): The movie that popularized the whole act, Deep Throat has been called a fake by some. In fact one author who claimed it was not a possible feat, and that the movie had faked the scenes.

It should be noted, that her description of how the act was faked, was not possible, given that the movie showed the act head on, not from a side view.


Not everyone is capable of performing this sexual act. It involves control over the gag reflex muscles in the throat, and in some instances to abstain from eating prior to engaging in this practice, to avoid vomiting while performing the act.

Usually a great deal of saliva is created, to help coat the penis, and the throat, to ease the insertion of the penis.

As well, the entry is achieved in stages, to allow for the muscles to relax, to become used to the large penis, or length being taken.

The ability to deep throat also depends on both the length and width of the penis being taken. Some performers claim to be Deep Throat specialists, but can't handle the more well endowed male organ.

To deep throat, is really just to take the entire penis into the mouth, and throat. Size of the penis plays a role in whether one can handle it, but not in whether the act is or isn't.

Practice (Associated Acts): For those who prefer a rougher type of sex, the forcing of a submissive to take an entire penis, to be deep throated, is considered a bit of a standard feature.

This is basically where the dominant will force their entire into the mouth and down the throat of their submissive partner, irrespective of the person's reactions.

Due to the shedding of tears during such an act, and the way the eyes will widen, it creates a sense of domination, that many who practice this, enjoy, or crave.

In some instances, vomit will be ejected to highlight the domination of the one over the other, to further enforce the roughness, the domination aspect of the sex act.

Noteworthy: Many men enjoy this act, claiming it gives them better feelings, due to being able to have their penis stimulated by the mouth, tongue, and throat, at the same time.

The Internet has helped promote many so called 'deep throat' specialists, mostly in the heterosexual field.

It has also spurred several pornographic videos and sites, that specialize in supposed 'deep throat' sex. Some of the more notable one's are mainly amateur in nature, though there is the whole 'gonzo' niche that popularizes the Deep Throat aspect.

Most who perform Deep Throat, shed tears during the performance.

Other meanings

Used to reference a deeply placed informant, most notable was the one in the Watergate Scandal that plagued the USA.

It implied a sense of the person being extremely deep within the organization, who would normally not be under suspicion of being an informant.

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