Cruising is a term referring to a person driving or walking in order to find a sex partner.



Cruising means looking for sex in public areas like the street or a men's room, often following the same route or area regularly while searching for someone to find somone to have sex with. Cruising being used as a sexual term was originally gay slang but now is used by straight men and even women as well.


Cruising was originally a slang term meaning to just drive around with friends or hang out without doing anything in particular.


Cruising, once rather secretive, is now not only talked about but one can find popular cruising spots such as public restrooms, the gym, parks or glory holes by searching sites online. Cruising in one's car is done by driving in an area, usually a known gay area, and checking out all the men as potential sex partners. This can take minutes or hours of driving, often covering the same streets several times. Once someone of sexual interest is found, a connection can be made through eye contact or casual conversation.

Other meanings

Cruising can mean just driving around with friends. It can also mean going on an ocean cruise.

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