The sex position where the person sitting or laying on their back is the penetrating partner in intercourse.



Referring to the one of the partners engaged in sex, where that person is one who will penetrate the other, but is in a prone position on their back, or is sitting in a chair. The other person who is to be penetrated then positions themselves over the erect penis, and lowers themselves onto the penis.

It is also a fetish, where one acts out their concept of what a cowboy may symbolize, such as independent, a loner, or simply an outdoors type person. More in tune with role playing, than a specific niche.


Cowboys or herders of cattle and such was introduced into America by the Spanish. It was their introduction of horses and cattle that helped propel the establishment of Cowboys.

Primarily used to move large groups of cattle to grazing spots, required the cowboy to basically live off the land, and go for long distances without returning to the ranch.

With the advancement of the Cattle herds, the Cowboy became a symbol of independent spirit. Having to use their wits to survive, while attending to the job at hand. In addition, they were considered to be free spirited, and as they spent more time in the wild, less bound by some of the more civilized conventions.

History (Legend): It is as likely that the fetish or role playing is more about the independent spirit, than tending to cattle. However it could be argued that it is about being outdoors, about having no lasting ties or commitments.


As a Fetish (undocumented) - Dressing up in 'western garb' which would include boots, specific types of shirts and pants, including hats, such as a Stetson. It also can relate to engaging in sexual acts outdoors to symbolize the independent spirit of the Cowboy Spirit.

It can also involve more casual relations, where the sexual act is of more importance than a relationship.

As a Niche (undocumented) - The concept of outdoors, or country type location is what many consider the draw of 'cowboy sex'. Though undocumented, the concept is less about relationships than about the type of partner, or cowboy.

Usually associated with a more robust male, than say a twink, though not necessarily. Farm Hands are considered part of the niche, and they can be of twink age.

It is about sex in barns, out in fields, and usually involves casual affairs. It is the clean wholesome appeal, that may attract some to this niche

As a Position - This is generally where the major work of intercourse, is done by the receiving partner. The giving partner, the one whose penis is inserted into the other, is generally in a prone position on their back, or in a sitting or reclining position, again basically remaining static.

The benefits of this position are that the insertive person can relax, not having to support their weight while engaged in sex. The receiving partner can choose to face their partner, or not. However when facing, the insertive partner is able to stimulate the receiver as that person's genitals are within reach.

It allows for the two partners to see each other, while giving more control to the receiving partner. They are able to better determine the amount of penetration, as well as to control the speed of penetration. In some ways, it is taking control while being a bottom, traditionally associated with being the more submissive partner.

The added benefit of this sexual position, is the ability for both partners to better stimulate the other partner. It gives both the ability to access the other's body and use of their hands. In addition it allows them to witness the effects of their manipulations, if facing each other.

In a threesome, this position allows the person being penetrated to also engage the other person orally, or if one is truly inventive, and the receiving person is facing the penetrating person, a third person could be getting head, while being rimmed.

The position is well exploited in many pornographic videos. As it allows a better visual of the penis and balls of at least one of the participants. Good video can also show a better close up of the penetration, milking it for added visual effects.

Noteworthy: This position may help in prolonging the male's need to ejaculate, cum.

Other meanings

Can refer to a team, such as the Dallas Cowboys football team, or also refer to a go at it alone mentality. Such a use is generally negative, such as when referencing the foreign policy of George W. Bush.

Cowboy Approach is generally negative, insinuating a more spur of the moment action, rather than thought out one.

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