An underlying disorder, that impacts one's ability to form a lasting relationship, due to specific breakdown in the standard phases of courtship.



A 'theoretical construct' within the field of Sexology, it was first proposed by Kurt Freund.


Basically it is perceived that there are four major phases, in the courtship procedure.

The search phase, where one looks for and appraises others for possible sexual relations.

Non Touching Interaction, which usually refers to smiling, engaging in conversation.

Tactile (touching) Interaction. This refers to hugs, kissing and some light petting. Foreplay in a restrained form.

Intercourse which is the culmination of the courtship ritual.

It is theorized, that during any of these phases, something goes out of kilter, to the point where what is considered abnormal, appears to be normal for that person.

This is also to the exclusion of the other basic rituals or becomes more important, than completing the various phases.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Voyeurism shows up as a disturbance, or break, within the search phase of the courtship ritual.

A break in the non touching phase, can show up as Exhibitionism, or Telephone Scatologia [ the making of obscene phone calls ]

A disorder within the third phase, the touching phase, can show up as Toucherism. (more commonly referred to as Frotteurism, which is the unwanted rubbing up against another.)

The absence of the earlier stages, would show up generally as Biastophilia, which in more common terms is Rape.


Social standards may play a part in either masking the symptoms, or in enabling them such as Mardi Gras celebration, that encourage a great deal of contact.

Certain dance crazes can also be considered as helping to mask some of the related Paraphilias.

It is thought that these Paraphilias occur, at times, together and thus the Courtship Disorder provides the inference of an underlying cause, or malady.

The theory deals specifically with a presumed underlying issue, for the male of the species, mankind.

Instead of dealing with each shown Paraphilia as a single problem, or as multiple problems, if the patient exhibits multiple symptoms, the theory contends that all of the exhibited Paraphilias are part of one underlying disorder.

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