The devices used to restraint the male penis, and testicles, during sexual activity, and afterwards, during sex role playing.



Use of assorted implements to restrict the movement of the penis and or testicles prior, during, and after sexual activities. This can be simply a cock ring, or a more elaborate device such as an Arab Strap, or a common household device as a padlock.

It is the use of sex toys, to enhance the role playing, to help maintain an erection, as well as to limit movement or premature ejaculation during the sex play.


Cock Ring ' Usually a material such as leather or rope, thin banded, that is wrapped around the base of the penis, to restrict the flow of blood from the penile tissue, allowing for a longer lasting erection.

Other materials, such as nylon, rubber, metal, are also used, and are commercially available. They also come in stylish colors, for those into color co-ordination of their sex toys.

Cock Rings can also include the scrotum, in tightening the base of the scrotum. When used only on the scrotum, it is referred to as a testicle cuff.

A Cock Ring IS NOT referring to those who have a piercing of the penis, with a metal ring attached. That is referred to as a Prince Albert.

Triple Cock Ring or Triple Crown ' is generally a collection of rings. One the circles the base of the penis itself, Two additional rings are used to encircle and restrict both testicles.

During orgasm, the testicles will rise just prior to ejaculation, towards the penis. The presence of the rings limits that ability, intensifying the eventual ejaculation.

These devices, can use metal rings, strips of leather, or other pliable fabric. They can be worn for a time, though it is not recommended to wear them for any lengthy period of time.

Ball Lock ' Believe it or not, but a simple household padlock or combination lock is used to actually lock the scrotum. The space between the horse shoe shaped bar is placed at the base of the scrotum, and encases the base, and locked.

This is generally used to show servitude, control. It is also considered safe, if care is taken to make sure that there is free movement still of the testicles, and that the restriction isn't too severe.

Mostly used by women, to demonstrate their control over the male partner, or for training purposes.

Arab Strap ' More than likely taken from the device used in the mating procedure of Arabian Horses.

This usually is several metal rings along the penis shaft, with the larger around the base of the penis. Another ring is placed around the testicles, with varying width of leather straps attached to all rings, to hold them in place.

Some will have buckles as well, to tighten, loosen, lengthen or shorten the leather straps.

This device is designed to help keep the erection firm, and can be used during intercourse, to aid in stimulating the insides of the receiving partner.

This device is attached after an erection has taken place. It can be used when the cock is soft, as part of the Cock and Ball Torture scenario in BDSM play. It is also used to help those with Erectile Dysfunction, to maintain an erection longer during intercourse.

Use of such a device is recommended for a period of time of no longer than 20 minutes. It can cause damage to the vessels within the penis, and can even cause the vessels to pop, or to keep the penis gorged with blood.

The blood that is trapped within, by this device, is released once the device is released, supposedly creating greater sensitivity to the penis.

Docking Sleeve ' Made of pliable rubber, or simulated skin, it is used to aid in the insertion of one penis into the foreskin of another. Cyberskin is often the material used, which many claim is akin to actual flesh. (More expensive dildo's are covered in this material, or made exclusively from it, though it is not very strong.)

Penis Sleeve ' Usually made of rubber or similar pliable material, it is an open ended tube that fits over the shaft. More expensive models are constructed from Cyberskin, a more skin like substance in feel, and texture.

The tube can be ridged on the outside, to provide added benefit when used while engaging in anal sex.

Some sleeves are also a linked grouping of rings, with a stiff bar or centerpiece, to forcibly maintain the erection.

Vibrating Ring ' A cock ring, that actually vibrates when being worn. It can have a switch and is meant for self stimulation.

Practice (Associated Acts): Humbler ' A physical device used to restrain the movement of a male genitals, in BDSM sex. It involves the use of a testicle cuff, that is attached to a bar, that is fixed to the submissive's legs, that are forced to remain in a set position.

Movement of the legs creates pressure on the testicle cuff, pulling the scrotum from the base, creating extreme physical pain. It is a risky device to use, without proper training.

Medical risks are severe if mis-used.

It is not advised to use this device for suspension either, though some do. It is highly dangerous, physically and emotionally, as it causes extreme pain.

Testicle Cuffs ' Used around the base of the scrotum, these devices are used to tighten the base, restricting the free flow of blood,

This is generally used in BDSM role playing, and is part of the S/m culture as well, within the BDSM community. It is a sign of ownership, but poses a risk, as it can restrict the movement of the testicles, which is necessary at times, for the prevention of injury.

It is part of the 'cock and ball torture' regiment under BDSM play.

Noteworthy: If a cold feeling comes while wearing a cock ring, either in the penis, or the scrotum, it is a sign that the device needs to be removed. The flow of blood is becoming too little. This cold feeling SHOULD NOT be ignored. Those suffering from Cardiovascular conditions, Diabetes, and taking blood thinning medicine should NOT use cock rings in their sexual activities.

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