Those who actively seek out others, that are infected with HIV in order to become infected themselves.



For various reasons, this is where HIV- people deliberately seek out those who are HIV+ in order to engage in unprotected sex, in an effort to become HIV+.

In some instances, it is also already infected persons, seeking to actively become further infected, in an effort to alter the strain of the virus. [not confirmed]

Some instances, the search for infection is opportunistic, not a planned attempt, but if the opportunity arises, they do not back off. In short, they engage in unprotected sex, without care if their partner is Positive or Negative.


The first academic article on this subject, appeared in 1999 by Doctors DeAnn Gauthier and Craig Forsythe.

The first real classification of the types, came about after a study done in 2006, with a sampling of 1,238 online profiles. Doctors Christian Grov and Jeffrey T. Parsons came up with the classifications.


The main practice is to engage in unprotected anal sex with a known Positive as the top, and to have the semen ejaculated directly into the anus, during orgasm.

It can include having multiple partners in a series, or not.

It is a deliberate attempt to gain the virus, if they are Negative, deliberate attempt to pass the virus on, if they are Positive. These are termed as 'Committed'.

Bug Chaser ' is a person who is Negative, but seeks to become infected.

Gift Giver ' is a person who is infected with the virus, who is Positive, and who is 'willing' to pass the virus on to another.

Practice (Associated Acts): The majority, it appears, who engage in this practice are not deliberately seeking only 'positive' partners, but that if the opportunity arises, they do not refuse. These are termed as 'opportunist bug chasers' rather than the 'committed bug chasers'.

This also applies to those who are Positive, in that those who do not just seek out other 'positive men' for their sex. These are 'opportunistic gift givers' versus the 'committed gift givers'.

Noteworthy: A relatively new concern about the Medical profession, is that the mixing of positive strains of the virus may cause for a mutation, that may not be treated by normal procedures.

The research into 'bug chasing' and 'gift giving' is inconclusive as to the reasons behind such desires.

Some simply may be classed as either, due to the fact that they are unaware of their HIV status, or that of their partners. In addition, it appears to not matter to them if their partner is or isn't carrying the virus.

Others claim that it is to relieve the day to day concern over being infected. That contracting the Virus is inevitable, so why bother in worrying, and as such, seek to get the infection, to ease the worry.

Some additionally claim that sex is meant to be natural, that the use of safer sex practices is contrary to that, therefore undesirable. The risk of infection is part of the natural order, so not to be fought.

In one study on the issue, it was found that those who were classed as 'Committed Bug Chasers' were mostly bottoms. (62% of the sample group)

Opportunist Bug Chasers on the other hand, the study found that 46.3% were bottoms, that 43.6% called themselves versatile, in that they either bottomed or topped.

Other meanings

Stealth Fuck ' where a man is HIV+ and willingly passes the virus on, without informing their partner, who may be negative. Considered to be Illegal, with serious criminal repercussions.

The Gift ' HIV

Fuck of Death ' unprotected sex between a HIV+ man and HIV- man.

PozCum ' reference to the cum from an HIV+ man. (other terms used are 'Hitler's Jitlers', Poison Seed, Death Jizz, posload.)

Neg Butt ' refers to someone who is HIV-

Poz my Neg Hole ' meaning 'give me HIV'

Conversion Party ' where positive and negative men get together to pair off, and engage in unprotected anal sex, with the intent of passing the Virus on.

Gift Giver ' one who is Positive, willing to pass the virus on to a person who is Negative.

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