A standing spooning position, where the Receiver is standing, facing in the same direction, as the Giver, affording the Giver access to their backside.



The Receiver (the person being penetrated) stands upright, legs slightly bent at the knees.

They can use their hands, on the hips of the Giver, during penetration, and thrusting.

The Giver (the one doing the penetrating) approaches from the rear, facing in the same direction the Receiver is.

(basically both are staring in the same general direction, though it is possible for the Receiver to turn their head and achieve a form of kissing (intimacy))

The penetration may require some adjusting in the stance of the two parties.

Once a good position is found, the penetration can be very satisfying, and deep, similar to doggy style positions.

Practice (Associated Acts):

This particular style of position, allows for a good degree of intimacy between the couple.

Use of the hands, by the Giver, across the frontal regions, can help stimulate their partner.

This can include masturbating the Receiver, during the thrusting motions.

If there is a great disparity in height between the two, the shorter person could stand on a stool, or some other raised platform.

Care should be taken (when using a stool or such) to not fall off.


Alfred Kinsey found (during the 1940's) that nearly 40% of those surveyed (heterosexual couples) had engaged in anal sex.

A later study (1992) however indicated that number had dropped to about 20%, giving rise to the concept that it fluctuates with changes in time, or society changes.

In 2005, another study showed that number was now between 30% and 50% of heterosexuals, who had engaged in anal sex.

No sexual position preferences, however, were included in those studies.

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