Slang for the physical discomfort one feels when they maintain an erection without ejaculation for several hours.



When a person has an erection for a lengthy time, usually several hours, without being able to ejaculate, they experience a great deal of discomfort. This can be due to a temporary blockage of the tube, that allows for the semen to be transferred out.


As part of a BDSM role playing, this is where the submissive is brought to the point of ejaculation, then prevented from actually ejaculating, either by the withdrawal of contact, or means used to bring them to that state.

Repeated over time, such a 'denial' can lead to the submissive experiencing 'blue balls' which is the actual tenderness of the testes, and the discomfort of being erect for a length period, without ejaculation.

Noted as 'erotic sex denial' in BDSM circles.

Practice (Associated Acts): Lymphogranuloma venereum is a sexually transmitted disease that can produce symptoms identical to what has been discussed here. It is from the enlargement of lymph nodes in the groin, that prevent the passage of seminal fluid, causing the cramping, and tenderness in the scrotum.

Noteworthy: For women, the term 'pink ovaries' refers to a similar condition for women.

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