Big cocks are penises that are significantly larger than average size.



Big cocks are larger penises and are also sought after in both in gay and straight porn. Studies have shown that average penis size is under 6 inches, but many people believe that average size is a little larger than that so a big cock would generally have to be over 7 inches.


A couple of the most famous big cocksman in porn are John Holmes and Ron Jeremy. While John Holmes penis is reputed to be between 13 and 14 inches, other sources site it as 10.5 inches. Ron Jeremy's is 9.75 inches, which while definitely larger than the average cock, is smaller than most people believe. Gay big cock pornstar Chad Hunt is endowed with a penis that is 11 inches long and 7 inches around where pornstar Michael Brandon is believed to have 8.6 inches and is also considered a big cock star.


Big cocks are often fantasized about. Men (and sometimes women) who laughingly refer to themselves as "size queens" are always hoping to find a partner or pornstar with a huge cock. Sex with a cock that is truly much larger than average may require more time for the person being penetrated to adjust to it as their body stretches to accomodate it. Many of the cocks in big cock porn are made to look larger by camera angles or even prostheses worn over the penis and made to look like part of it but extending further to make it look larger.

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