Where the 'receiver (one being penetrated)' is bent over, (similar to the doggy style position), while the 'giver (one doing the penetrating) enters from the rear.



Alfred Kinsey is considered the 'father' of sexology.

This is supposedly the scientific study of human sexuality.


For those times when you can't lay down, to get nailed.

The Receiver (one being penetrated) bends over at the waist.

They either place their hands firmly down on the ground, or take hold of their own ankles.

NOTE > The wider the Receiver spreads their legs apart, the lower the Giver has to squat.

By placing the hands on the floor, or ground, it will allow for the 'Receiver' to maintain their balance easier.

In addition, it allows for an easier entry and thrusting by the Giver (one doing the penetrating)

This position aids the Giver in penetrating the Receiver, however when there is a height differential, the Giver will have to adjust by squatting more (assuming they are the taller of the two parties).

The effect of squatting for any prolonged period, can be physically challenging. (can we say burning quads?)

To compensate for height differences, adjusting the spread of the legs is one way.

Another is for the Receiver to have something placed under their feet, to raise their tushie further up, to a more convenient height for the Giver.

While a less romantic position, it does allow for deeper penetration, and more intense thrusts.

The position, helps to push the pelvis further up, opening it up to full penetration by the Giver.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Varying the spread of the legs, from wider, to narrower, will help alter the penetration experience.

It can also aid in increased, or decreasing, the force of the penetrating thrusts.


Doggy Style is more of a generality to denote a variety of sex positions.

In actuality, it is a range of positions, where one is generally in a posture, where hands and feet are both on the flat surface, and the other is either underneath, or behind.

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