The rooms located in clubs and bars, where sexual activity occurs, out of the general public view.



Dimly lit rooms located in various bars, clubs, where open sexual activity occurs.

These are rooms with poor or shaded lighting, black light lighting, red lights, or any other type of diffused light, that creates a darker atmosphere.


These rooms were common in many North American Bars and Clubs during the 1960's and 1970's due to the illegality of Homosexuality. It was less dangerous than public cruising would be at the time.

Still common in many European countries.


These rooms can be nothing more than a very darkened corner of a room, with enough space for two to three people.

They can also be elaborate set ups, existing on several floors, with various specialty acumens such as prison bars, cages, glory holes, and even private cubicles.

It can be a maze of various set ups, so a customer can meander through, experiencing various types of random sex, with strangers.

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