Where a male fantasizes about himself being a female, becoming sexually stimulated under that fantasy.



Formed from the Greek words Aura (meaning 'self') and Yuvrj (meaning 'woman').

In 1989, Ray Blanchard coined the term 'love of oneself as a woman'.


Basically this is when one will achieve an orgasm, through the mental thought of them being in a woman's body, while at the same time, masturbating.

It is not about a sexual preference, but at how one perceives themselves to be, or have a preference to be.

Practice (Associated Acts):

There is a counter to the 'male' being aroused by imagining themselves as female.

This is where woman will become aroused, attempting to visualize themselves as Males. Known as Autoandrophilia.


In the DSM, this is found under the area of Gender Identity Disorder.

There is some discussion as to the motivation for this disorder being listed, but unconfirmed as of now.

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