Where one takes on the role of being like an animal, most commonly a dog, or pony. They assume certain 'animal' characteristics, & are usually the bottom or submissive partner.



This is when one partner, assumes the role of an animal.

In most instances, this generally takes the form of acting like a dog or pony, though other animals are also characterized in this form of role playing.

This form of role playing, does not always involve sexual acts, nor is it associated with having a fetish for having sex with animals, such as in the case of bestiality.

AT or animal training, is about a human, taking on the role of an animal, with dogs being the most common form.


In many earlier cultures, there were many rituals in which participants donned gear, to resemble various animals, in the belief that they took on the powers, associated with those creatures.

North American Indians, being one that had many rituals, in which participants took on the role of various animals, such as bears, wolves, and others.


There is a clear distinction between bestiality, and AT or Animal Transformation Fantasy.

ATF is about assuming the role of an animal, of acting like one, while the other, is a desire to actually engage in sex with a specific animal.

That desire, is not associated with AT or ATF. Most of those participating in this form of role playing, are not interested in engaging in any sexual acts with real animals.

Generally when engaged in AT, the bottom will assume the role of the animal, mainly a dog.

This can be as mundane as simply being on all fours, or can be much more elaborate, in which associated toys and implements are used.

Use of cages, to resemble kennels is one popular accruement, while it also can involve the wearing of masks, that resemble the facial features of the animal being portrayed.

Pulling carts, or being led on a leash, are also quite common in AT.

It can include such activities as house breaking, which is a form of potty training.

Whichever animal role one assumes, it generally conforms to the strengths of that animal.

Cow Play may be about lactation, while pony play about strength, of pulling. Pup Play may be about being silly, being mischievous.

Practice (Associated Acts):

For many, sex is not part of the role playing.

This is because it is the concept of being dominated, being subservient to another, that is the turn on.


The use of various props, helps enhances the role playing fantasy.

This can include butt plugs, with long tails attached, to help simulate the fantasy of the bottom being an animal.

Use of kennels, for dog play, are quite common, which keep the role playing appear real. It also forces the submissive to be on all fours.

Some will even don elaborate costumes, that help enhance the visual aspect of the role playing.

While pup or dog play is often associated with the leather scene, it does not always fall into any specific category.

Animal role playing can be simply about having a period of quiet time, where cuddling and stroking are all that are accomplished, or attained.

In other instances, it is simply about getting into a character, where one can be fun, full of play, like a puppy or kitten can do. Hence their desire to act like one, in all mannerisms.

Other meanings

Used in various ceremonial dances of Native Americans, as well as in replicating ancient cultures, such as those found in South America.

Also used in physical education classes, with children, in order to make exercise more fun.

To take on the role of an animal, and perform like one, can be helpful in having kids participate in exercises they normally would find dull, or boring, or simply be uninterested in.

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