Usually long objects, made of rubber or other pliable substance, that is used to penetrate the rectum of another, for sexual stimulation, pleasure.



Inanimate objects, specifically designed for use within the rectum, though any object could be used.

These devices are for the stimulation of the sphincter muscle, and in some instances, the prostate gland.

In practice, any object used for anal stimulation, can be classed as being an 'anal toy' however, these pose health risks.


Most devices, made for the rectum, are shorter in length than other penetrating devices. This is to avoid possible ripping or tearing of the internal lining or of damage to colon.

These are also wider at one end, than at the tip, and usually include a ridge or barrier, to prevent being taken fully inside the rectum, or to prevent them from being pulled in by the muscle contractions.

A handle exists, behind this wide barrier, for ease of use, to generate an in and out motion, without risk of lodging the entire device internally.

Proper lubrication is required, or recommended, to further reduce risk of injury to the internal linings. In addition, most of these devices are of a smooth texture, primarily to avoid tearing issues.

Basically, any object, of the right shape, size, that can be easily inserted into the rectum, and moved in an steady in and out motion, could be an 'anal toy'.

The purpose is to stimulate the sphincter muscle at the opening to the rectum, through a combination of thrusts inwards, while also stretching the muscle itself, then relaxing it.

It is for this particular reason, that there are 'specific devices' manufactured. A particular dildo, for anal stimulation is different than one used for vaginal stimulation.

t's length is shorter, generally. It is also shaped to grow wider at the base, to create the stretching of the sphincter.

The handle is for ease of use, to allow a person to manipulate the device in and out, in a steady rhythm without risking losing the object.

Practice (Associated Acts): Depending on the device chosen, the stimulation can be varied. Some devices, made for anal stimulation, are curved so as to easily reach the prostate gland, to help gently stroke it, in place of one's fingers.

Other devices can simulate ejaculation, by being able to discharge a fluid into the rectum, while being moved in and out, simulating intercourse.

Some devices, while may not simulate ejaculation, will stimulate the inner linings, through vibration. These are usually battery powered units, similar to the others, just that they actually vibrate, further enhancing the stimulation of the muscles found near the anal hole.

Some toys, can be locked into place, for wearing for longer times, so that the average motion will create a continual stimulation of the anus. These are generally butt plugs, some with a ribbed design, to further enhance the stimulation.

Noteworthy: The material these devices are made from, will determine the type of lubrication needed for them. Some lubricants are not compatible with the material used, causing deterioration of the toy itself, which can cause imperfection on the sides, which can lead to internal tearing, or damage.

For sanitary reasons, many recommend that even if these items are properly sterilized before and after use, that a condom should also be used during use.

All toys, should be kept sterilized prior to use, and after use, to avoid the risk of infection.

Proper hygiene is required as well, to insure that the lubricant is properly dissolved or cleansed, after use with any sex toy, including anal toys.

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