A rod inserted horizontally into the 'glans penis', meaning the head of the penis.



A form of body piercing, in which the head of the penis is pierced, in a horizontal manner. This can be through the urethra as well in which case the technical term is Ampallang.

A variation is to pierce the shaft of the penis, and is known as a 'shaft Ampallang'.

A vertical piercing of the penis head, is known as an Apadravya.

These are considered 'advanced' piercing which should be carefully considered and thought out. Only qualified persons should perform such procedures, as there are extreme risks associated with improper piercing of the pens.


This piercing originated by Bjorn Burke, among the Dayak people. (a group found in the interior of the Borneo Island).

In some cultures, this is also a sign of commitment, prior to marriage, or as a pre requisite for marriage.


To pierce the head of the penis, which can include going directly through the urethra. This is done in a horizontal direction.

A Standard barbell stud is used. Care should be taken, that the bar itself comfortably fits through the cock head, and that sufficient added length is accounted for, to accommodate the increase in size of the cock head during erection or stimulation.

Improper lengths can cause severe discomfort.

When combined with an Apadravya, then the piercing is referred to as having a 'magic cross'

The purpose of such a piercing (Ampallang) is for decoration and sexual pleasure. The motion of the barbell stud stimulates internal tissues, that contain highly sensitive nerve endings.

The motion of intercourse, or other penis stimulation, is heighten by the barbell stud motion internally.

The presence of such 'jewelry' also stimulates the partner, when used in intercourse. The odd shaped studs add a unique sensation, that supposedly further heightens the sexual activity.

Noteworthy: This is an extremely painful procedure.

Healing can take upwards of six months, and some cases have taken at least a full year to properly heal.

Prior to the popularity of body piercing in the 1980's and 1990's, this form of genital piercing was made fashionable by gay men in the BDSM culture / community.

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