The sexual attraction, desire to have sex with, inanimate objects such as dolls and/or statues that resemble humans or even animals.



To have an attraction or desire to engage in sex with an inanimate object like a doll, mannequin, or statue. The idea of what it would be like to be the object, to be aroused by watching those objects actually engage in sexual acts, or to become one of them, and engage in sex.


[from the Greek words 'agalma' meaning statue, and 'philos' meaning friend]

Ancient times had many myths surrounding this 'fetish' in which various statues would be given life by 'the Gods' or would take on human form, at the whims of the Gods or of the worshipper.

In 1877, a clinical report from Ebbing detailed the case of a gardener who became enamored by the Statue of the Venus de Milo, and was actually caught attempting sex with it.

There is many instances of such attractions in history. Both the French and Spanish have coined words, for which Sailors used to describe specially made dolls, sewn from cloth, to resemble women, for their sexual pleasures aboard ship.

History (Legend): Most notable is the ancient Greek Legends, from 600 B.C. and onwards, revolving around Zeus, and is well documented in the various historical documents or books, from such notables as Homer and Plato.


This is a fantasy scenario, mainly about one's desire to find the 'perfect partner' and as such will look anywhere. It involves the concept of dreaming of an inanimate object, that is held in a frozen state, that comes to life by the touch, the affection of the dreamer.

There is no set rules to this, as it is more of a mental exercise, though it can involve the use of these objects, the actual physical copulation or attempt by the person and the object of desire.

Fantasy This is about simply masturbating to the idea of engaging in sex with a statue, doll, or figurine.

It can include the concept of becoming one of those objects, and imagining what the sex would feel like.

Another form is to actually attempt sexual relations with the inanimate object, while imagining that object being able to feel but not respond.

Another 'fantasy' feature is to imagine that only by engaging in sex with the object, can it come to life.

Practice (Associated Acts): A form of this, is where one will imagine themselves as being the statue, the doll. The feeling of immobility, of being unable to move yet see and hear all that goes on is supposed to create a sexual response, or stimulation.

It is the concept of being immobilized, but not like in a bondage scenario, but where the body itself is incapable of motion, of movement of any kind. Like being in a state of absolute paralysis, with only the mind able to function.

In some instances, this fetish will involve where one or both partners will actually dress up to resemble a particular doll, such as Barbie or Ken. The idea being to enhance the desire or emotional desire to engage in sex with the actual doll.

(in some respects, this can be an extension of 'role playing')

Noteworthy: A documentary film in 2007 documented the relationships between four British and American Men, and their sex dolls. Japanorama, BBC Three, Season 3 Episode 2, first aired 26 March 2007.

Other meanings

Sex Dolls or Toys are a major business, and have led to many changes. More sophisticated 'dolls' have motors in place to simulate motion, sound. More robotic in nature most are made from a gel or silicone or rubber material.

Many are anatomically correct, or are made with specific markets in mind, such as tight entry points, etc. These items have drastically changed since the mid 1990's.

Some are clearly designed to portray certain popular stars, models, or heroes.

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