Good god this wall is so cold I can feel my arm against it going numb but I dare not suggest to him that we change our place or anything .. I used to lose my self in the ecstasy of this .. In having his rigid hands pushing my ass cheeks in opposite ways to make place for his tongue to fuck my hole tampering with it drawing all kinds of surreal shapes in it and around it with it's tip teasing my hole till it's begging for the fuck yearning after a cock to take all in and never let go off.

It's still fun but it doesn't compare to the first time the Adrenalin rush I had on my way to his place given that I met him at a family wedding as a distant relative that lives near by ..i've met him before in family gatherings seven years older than me .. black skin slim fit body with a sleek hair cut a strength in his walk, talk and style with every thing that had me drooling over the fantasies I had about him ..

I knew I'm getting his cock in my two holes no matter what ... how? When? and whats the way to that? No answers were available but I angled there each time sizing and trying to work out any chance to initiate a talk or an act that could go this way.

This day at the wedding he was dressed in a smart suite that only complimented his style in everything with a perfume that makes his manhood more perceivable through the smell as well as through the look .. Our eyes met a few times as we stood in a close distance from each other just till he was done talking to some guys I walked to him melting in the steady look he laid on me as I'm reaching him .. As soon as I approached him I went for a hand shake and he went in for a hug and a kiss as well witch sent shivers down my back and concluded with a feeling of tingling in my cheek all they way down to my hole and lingered there.

"Hello!"is All I could find the strength to say in this situation

"Hey how are you how is everything ?" He asked , "horny like hell" I wanted to answer him but as you see it wasn't suitable " fine I'm fine thanks how are you?" i asked ..
"Yeah well! I guess I'm fine too" he answered and that got me curious
"hey whats wrong, is it the wedding? The noise I mean" i asked

"No its nothing really and definitely not the wedding the wedding is really beautiful and it made me feel a lot better"

"Thats good but what made you feel bad in the first place .. Do you too want to get married?" I asked
"No god no but that's exactly it but a different side of it .. i just broke up with my girlfriend over all this marriage thing .. i got the place and I'm working but i don't want any commitment any time soon I'm still young you know i still have a lot i want to see .. to do .. to try out"
it was awful of me to think this but i was over-the-roof happy knowing he just broke up with his girl friend and willing to try and do new things that seemed like a great opportunity to me.

"Yeah sure I understand .. Want to go for a walk?we won't be long" i asked

"Yeah sure why not ..sorry by the way for telling all of this"

"No of course Are you kidding it's all okay I wouldn't insist if I didn't want to know" ,"you are persistent I give you that" he said

"Wait and see" I replied with a smile hanging my arm to his while we walked by the mesmerizing Nile Cornish away from the wedding with it's noise fading behind until we reached a dark area and then he stopped he breathed deeply like if he was cleansing himself of all the thoughts and feelings before he lighted a cigarette and pent to rest on the wall looking in the deep darkness of the sky and the Nile with meeting each other with no distinguishable line between them .. I stood by him resting one arm to that wall and looked him in the eye from beside watching him .. watching the cigarette going up to his mouth and down there is no minute detail about him that I didn't adore he was as he used to be and still is .. perfection.

I allowed him sometime before I asked again " what is it that is bothering you know?"

"Just that when I got sad I usually got together with her and without much talking we would spend the night together and that was it .. I would wake up the following morning refreshed and new and now I miss her I miss her company at night I miss it all"

"Why am I telling you this?" he asked before stretching out and massaging his neck a scene i allowed my self to take as much pleasure of as possible.

"Doesn't matter why .. what matters is that you told me and I'm here for you .. now I don't know how much of help I can be but you have my word ' I'm yours to use in whatever way you please' .. to cheer you up I mean or whatever " I said with a smile looking the other way but I could tell he smiled a little too either for how weird that sentence was or that he understood what I really meant and willing to take all the advantages he can take from me I don't know which but considering the mesmerized look I had watching him stretch while saying these words I guess he got what I really meant.

After he was done with his stretches he suggested we go drink something we crossed the street witch was a high way he held my hand tightly and grabbed me when the time was right to cross and during the crossing I would place my other hand on his one like I am coughed to him I loved the feeling that after we crossed I didn't let go until he patted me on the shoulder to make me let go.

He walked a head of me .. Went ahead to the supermarket and grabbed a couple of juice cans payed for them and got back to me where I was .. just out side smiling while I watched how sleek and edgy he moved

"what?" he asked

"Nothing I .. Ah .. I was just watching you move .. Its a.. Nothing"i answered still smiling feeling like I got caught and I was happy about it.

"Watching me move? What about it?" he asked

"Nothing .. you just .. You look so handsome and smart with the suite and your fast base style .. You know .. it all looks good that's it" I answered

"Weird" he said after laughing a little

"I'm sorry I know it sounds weird coming from a guy It's nothing I ju.." I was saying when he cut me "no no its not that it's okay it's just that my girlfriends .. I mean ex g.f used to like that about me too same words I swear ..i wouldn't mind you saying or asking me anything you are too good to get mad at for anything"

"I was lost in a fantasy of being his 'good boy' but I snapped back right away with one dump question to keep the conversation going " don't you have any other girlfriends to spend the night with? Or boyfriends?" i hysterically laughed after asking because my head was near to explode as the two questions competed for which was dumber than the other ..Thankfully he laughed as well

"no no there are some .. but I wouldn't do something like that It will make things worse" he said

" There are some! .. Girlfriends or boyfriends?" selfishly i asked .. Concerning only what i really wanted to know.

"Why do you care?" he asked with a devious smile on his face looking me in the eye.

"Ah..nothin' I just a..I'm just teasing you I guess?"

"You guess?.. Nah it's not just teasing" he said with a wider smile on his face.

"OK however you see it but you still haven't told me is there any?"i asked with a slightly serious tone.

"Well as a matter of fact yeah I had one but not 'boyfriends' it was just the sex"

"Well, if you got that why would you care for anything else right?"i asked rhetorically

"I would care .. I would care for a lot other things that without it the sex can't be fun at all." He replied

"Even with a man ?"i asked knowing that it's such an untouchable taboo to talk about here in Cairo let alone doing it.

"Yes even with a man! ..but how are you so comfortable talking about a subject like that"

"Well, what can I say .. I'm curious beyond reason"i replied.
We experienced a second of silence sipping on our long forgotten juices and gazing at the racing cars before the sparkling water of the Nile.

"For a guy with girlfriend(s) in what way exactly did you develop an interest in a man to man relation and how did you meet anyone? The situation the chemistry .. All of that how did it happen?"i asked

" This is no ordinary interest of you in the subject" he commented and I smiled at him in a surrendering way that my desire is obvious enough by now that there is no need to dance around it .. yes I'm interested hearing your story and writing another one with you.

He got a bit serious after he noticed that I'm not amused and still waiting for an answer "its actually funny 'cause you said something that made me remember him and now I'm telling you about it" he said before starting

"Well it has happened only two times one of them after a horrible fight with my girlfriend at the time .. I was in the metro going back home afterward .. there was this guy slim hairless body round ass pale white and the reason I knew all of this was that he came and stood right in front of me and he kept pushing his butt back against my dick I watched him from behind and smiled .. the irony of having a girlfriend fighting with me over a trivial thing and this guy here wants me inside of him without even knowing me.

He got off on the same station as I did and walked near beside me , I looked at him and he looked me back like he didn't mind what ever I do to him he wanted it .. I told him right away "i'm angry .. leave before I do something to you" that's when he shock me with his reply

"take it out on me!" i didn't understand it at first so i asked him "what?" .

" Take it out on me .. whatever kind of problem that caused your anger .. Take that anger out on me I'm your slut for the night what ever you want to do , how ever you want to do to me no strings and no limits"

"It sounded so appealing and frightening never have I imagined that I would be allowed to have this power over someone .. To be honest I wanted to .. from time to time but never considered that its possible for real and this moment was an opportunity and a validation of a long awaited desire and couldn't come at a better time so despite how weird the whole situation looked I couldn't deny my self the pleasure"

"Ah so by day a woman denies you the dominance you wish to have and by night luckily you find this guy willingly present himself to fulfill your wish?" i asked

"Yeah beside the anger I had too I needed to take it out on someone .. plus he is the one who approached me and offered me the chance so I considered him a god send." He replied "did I bother you or something?" asking me

"No, not at all it's just fascinating how a gentleman like you could be have such desires on the inside and willing to carry them out if he get the chance." I replied

"There is a lot to it that I don't know or understand about myself and actually I don't care it was a chance presenting itself and I took it .. simple as that to me .. Now I feel guilty about honestly telling you how it went" he replied

"Not at all no you have no idea how happy that makes me"i replied hoping he thinks I meant his honesty not his alpha male mastership

" please go on I promise I'll be quite" I said

"SHUT UP! .. I told him while I took a deep breath processing what he just told me arriving at the same conclusion I just told you .. I'm angry and I love taking charge and here is an obedient recipient to what ever I choose to do to him so what seems to be the problem? .. Non.

I looked at him from head to toe and I felt this weird chemistry for the first time I felt an instinctive feeling like I'm able to look at him the way a predatory would .. sizing him up for the hunt I enjoyed it alone all the way to home having him bow down his head and had my arm on his shoulder and neck assuring just letting him feel where I see him as something that is mine and there is no way out now .. I watched my self thinking these thoughts and it amazed me not knowing what got into me .. is it the anger going out on

As if I was possessed by someone or something .. I don't now how but it just felt good weird good.

When we arrived at my building on our way up I moved my hand slowly from around shoulder to hold his neck as I opened the door with the other we were both smiling we each enjoyed our places and felt comfortable being in them then we got in while I still holding him by the neck and he didn't even try to straighten his back he kept it bowed I closed the door and pointed him to the stairs ahead of me as I let my hand fall slowly down his spine to his back I could feel his body shivers till my hand got down to his ass I got my other hand on it as well

As soon as my two hands got hold of his firm ass cheeks he naturally bowed down even more, arched his back and popped up his ass towards me with his head tilted down and a few quite moans all the way as I slowly twitched, slapped and rubbed his ass .. I enjoyed seeing my faintest touching induce such submissiveness and yearning in him .. it made me feel powerful like nothing else.

I couldn't go slow any more so I got up and walked up the stairs while he stayed still as he was I told him "let's go!" he said "yes, sir!" which was a bit weird but i thought to my self that it fits or whatever .. We went up to the apartment and at the floor before mine I told him

"Stay here while I go up and check!"

"Sir, Yes Sir!"

I walked up to the apartment opened quietly hoping to god that my older brother isn't home now he usually is out with friends and sometimes stays over but of all the nights he chose this one to be home early and awake.

"Hey what's up ..why are you home so early?" said my brother

"Hey .. why are YOU?" i replied "any way I'm just grabbing something and leaving"

"No wait!.. Whats with you??" he asked

"Nothing a.. Just a stupid fight with the G.F." I replied to end the conversation.

"Again!.. Whats your problem? .. man why can't you stick with one for a while ? .. you are like a child .."

" You weren't there you have no idea what happened and whose fault is it so please just stop talking" I replied as I remembered the whole fight all over again right when I started taking it off my mind.."See you later!" i said grabbing the keys, my jacket and stormed out.

I walked out furious slammed the door shut and hurried down back to my boy raged enough to use him in all the possible ways only to find him standing where I lift him facing the wall with his head bowed down " are you okay?" i asked "sir yes sir!" he answered i didn't care what was that about but i liked it anyway

" My apartment isn't available now .. is yours?" i asked him

"No sir I'm so sorry sir but I'm yours to fuck anywhere" he answered still facing the wall

"Perfect! Then I'm fucking you on the roof" I said while I held him from the back rubbing my cock against his ass and pushing my chest against his back till I pinned him to the wall I got a bit tough to test him and nothing seemed to bother him he didn't resist or ache instead he moaned ecstatically when I touched him no matter how or where.

"Come on! Lets head up to the roof!" i said in an ordering tone

" As you wish sir!" came his answer that started to sound lovely to my ears

I took him roughly by his arm while I climbed the stairs in a fast base and he struggled to keep up .. I was just improvising but it turned out to be the perfect prep work to kick him totally of his balance and allow myself to take full control of his.

When we got to the last floor before the roof I stopped it's my building and I used to walk up and down the 12 floors but it seems new to him as he was panting a little I stood steadily watching him trying to stand still and get back to me

" Take all your clothes off!" i told him

"Sir where will.. Where should I.." ," Take all you clothes off!" i said again after i slapped him

"Sir yes sir!" he answered while hurrying through it stripping down to a black panties that only covered his dick but had his ass hanging out and what an ass was his

He stood in front of me totally naked looking to the ground acting only at my will pale while slim body smooth and lovely thick lips beautiful mouth he was looking good to me.

"Turn around!" , "yes sir"

I looked at his back and it said nothing but 'I'm yours to devour' a long neck with wide enough shoulders down to a slim waist that quickly gets very full at his round and experienced ass with it's wide and welcoming crack presenting it's inviting and seductive pink hole it all made me want to do things with it and to it.

I miraculously waited as I lost the need to order him around for now I was way past the words I needed the action so I took him by the neck leading him up to the roof leaving all his clothes and stuff thrown at the stairs.

I opened the door to the roof and got out to the glamorous view we have our building is one of the very few buildings to be higher than five floors in this neighborhood so it's literally feels like being at the top of the worlds with the Nile visible in the scene you see.

the stars the air the Nile I don't know what exactly but something about the whole scene was so romantic .. Romantic enough to get me totally distracted from what I'm doing and remember her again I sat down and lighted a cigarette still lost in thinking but not for long .. As I sat down without a word he got down to slowly take off my shoes and socks then gently started kissing my feet and moved gradually up my legs placing little but very sensual kisses on all of my legs up to the knees .. He had his eyes closed ..i watched him while I smoked wondering

How could he be So trusting with a total stranger I couldn't tell but i could tell I was getting hard rapidly as I felt his warm breath against my knees and his ass popping up at the end of his arched back as he sat on all four in front of me he reached my knees and stayed there as if begging for me to open the gate for him "what do you want now ?" , "i want your cock sir!"

"That's it"i asked him

"I want to suck your cock and lick your balls sir please let my wrapped lips be a fuck hole for your cock sir I'm begging you"

Said that in a very sincere voice and with his eyes still closed so I let my legs loose enough for him to make his way in to my hard cock and he didn't wait a moment I could feel his warm breath on the inside of my legs and his sensual kisses making my thighs tingle until he reached my cock he started moaning in ecstatic moans I couldn't wait any longer " take it!" , "thank you sir!"

He quickly unzipped and unbuttoned my jeans lowered them enough to have my cock out didn't touch it but sat there for a second looking at it with a mesmerized look in his eyes that got me even harder I reached out to his head and started pulling it and he automatically moved on his own towards my cock getting in between it and my ball sniffing and licking and down with his tongue over my balls one at a time sucking and licking before taking them both in his ward mouth and massaging them slowly with his tongue but not for along as he shortly let them out with a kiss and moved on to my cock starting where he lift it at it's bas working his way through the whole shaft with only the tip of his tongue up to the head and circled it a few times before he firmly wrapped his lips around it and starting sucking it hard and worked his way down my whole hard cock again very slowly and his tongue spread and wrapped around the bottom of my cock making the perfect teeth-less passage for me in his mouth ..

He fulfilled his promise of making his mouth be my fuck hole and I had to fulfill my promise of being his master for the night I left him to suck my cock for a while then took his head in my hands as I got down on my knees in front of him as I wanted him to stay on all four with his head fixed so I can fuck his mouth myself, so I waited to see how long can he take inside his mouth and when he slowed down I without hesitation started pushing the rest of it inside and he didn't mind at all he started adjusting his head and nick to take it all he was dedicated to doing it right and doing it all and it wasn't long before I was pushing my whole cock back and forth in his mouth down to the throat with only small few seconds breaks for him to catch a breath.

His eyes got teary and his moans started to sound tired with a little gagging yet I only found it hotter .. To hold his face by the chin and to pull his hair back taking his face off my cock and look at .. That reddish face with it's teary eyes and the gapped hole of a mouth still open wide drooling wanting to take my cock back in it's warmth and wet in a hurry it was so beautiful and more appealing than any thing else.

I waited for him to catch a breath and placed his face back on my cock to suck it as I took my pants all the way down and off my feet and then my shirt when I was done I found him looking up at me he got off my cock moving slowly towards my armpits asking " can I .. Sir!" without talking i left up my arm not knowing what to expect .. the way he kissed and licked the whole area and then my nipple it shocked me that I moaned out of pleasure ... I was wondering how could I over look such sensual area and never even know about it.

Without saying much he got back to my cock sitting on all four as he is and me on my knees in front of him I stretched my body over his to lay my hands on his ass as soon as he felt my body over his how arched his back to the max have his ass up and near my reaching hands .. Never have I seen such hunger to please and be filled !.. I grabbed his ass checks with my both hands forcing my whole cock inside his mouth and with no way out he had to pent to allow himself to breath I never moved as soon as I held his ass in my hands I couldn't let go of it .. it was round and juicy it stood firm with a wide crack between its cheeks presenting it's pink hole in the most seducing way .. That was a place I haven't gone to often any time before and NEVER gone into before I wondered how it would feel.

I didn't have to wonder for long I pulled his head off my cock and looked him in the eyes finally getting comfortable in my place the way he saw me from the beginning, his master .. "I'm going to fuck your ass now" , "yes please sir rape my boy pussy'

I started turning him around but I really didn't need to do so as he turned around on his own I could see his head tilted down in absolute obedience with his hands scratching the floor right in front of his head his arched his back extremely presenting me with his wide and welcoming ass with its hole twitching and calling my hard cock to penetrate it..

I laid my cock between the cheeks moved them gently warming up and thats when his moans got louder " please sir please I want all your anger and might ramming in my ass through you cock sir please push it in"

"Yeah you want it!" , "yes sir please i'm begging you fill me"

Amazed at his hunger and honesty as well as how hard it got me I placed the top of my cock witch is a bit bigger than the rest of it right on his twitching hole lubed it a little with my spit I could feel him getting quieter and stable breathing so deep that I hear him .. I started pushing my cock in slowly enjoying every bit of how smooth, wet and warm his hole felt against every side of my cockPast the head I wanted to allow him a minute to get a feeling of me inside him and relax only to find him pushing his ass back to take it all inside he couldn't stand this suspended, half-in-half-out situation and just when he got it all in till my balls touched his body he stopped for a minute.

The minute he pushed his ass back to get me all inside of him I gasped and closed my eyes enjoying his fidelity to my cock at first and then when I was completely in, I reveled in the victorious feeling of towering up above another male that I submitted to my will with nothing more than a few words and some moves .. Not just to my will but to my cock and my pleasure .. I opened my eyes looking at him lying like a dog in front of me trying to find pleasure among the pains he is enduring for my pleasure .. Having swallowed all of my cock deep in his ass .. Having no clothes on as I ordered in such a cold windy weather .. shivering in pain yet moaning in pleasure this sight of him pushed me to look at my self differently and to realize a side of me that only he could help me learn about it

A part that is so primal .. so animalistic doesn't know what romance is and only looks at sex as a power play of affirming dominance and power a game of using and abusing your prey devouring it and taking all that could be took from it's power and soul and having much fun through it all.

As dark and outrageous these feelings were it was all a very exciting form of fun out of all these rushing thought I stood up enough not to get my cock out of his ass and placed my hands on his shoulders having my body pent in parallel to his curved body under me being on all my four I morphed into this animal wanting to deny my prey any exit or anywhere to go .. Wanting to have him selflessly surrender to what ever pain or use I decide put him though

I knew he got the message when he looked up to my eyes holding to my hand on his shoulder and pushing his ass up a little more .. I started moving up and down against his ass with my attention divided between the pleasure of my cock thrusting in his ass and the pleasure of watching his innocent unthinking face that only embody the feeling of the consuming pleasures he is experiencing now

As I watched his face I could only need more so I pushed more harder and deeper totally out and totally in again fast and rapid hearing our bodies slapping getting louder

As I was drilling his ass he left up one arm to hang to my neck which felt a bit sensual and I couldn't be so .. so I got back on my knees behind him " head on the floor!" i ordered as i grabbed his ass cheeks and looked at his hole wet and wide still begging for more .. I pushed my cock in and started fucking really hard and crazy fast that he was getting further from me many times that I had to grab him by his waist and pull him towards me as I pushed my cock in his ass witch felt a lot better adding that he stretched his hands and pulled his ass cheeks away to make room for my cock to go in full .. The chemistry was amazing

It felt so perfect in this position that I kept digging his ass for how ever long it took I couldn't tell but when I got close I could feel him holding on a lot harder to me " I'm gonna cum!" I said it out load and he didn't do any thing I kept fucking him harder and harder as he tightened his hole and this got me shooting a big load bigger than the usual and it felt beyond amazing for my cock to have this tight hole milking it and receiving it's shoot all inside

I laid my body on top of his naked body and we both laid on the floor with my cock still deep inside his ass reveling in it's cum shot such nice sensation of having my balls resting on the smooth skin of his ass and feel his cheeks squashed against my body as he moved only his waist up and down still milking my cock deep inside of him I couldn't help but to lay a kiss on his neck which has gotten so cold as well as the rest of his body so I wrapped him in my arms and pushed my chest against his back ..

" Did you enjoy using me sir" , " yes surely I did, did u?"

"I really was honored and happy to be your slut for tonight sir it's been a great pleasure"

I laughed at the way he talked but I thought to my self, whatever! ..

I got up to sit and wear my shoes but he wasn't through with me he turned around and sucked my cock and balls cleaning them of any cum in or out then he helped me wear my shoes " could I go dress now sir ?"

"No!" i answered, and he didn't react or say anything he just stood there

To be continued ....

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