• A Suck Broom Salesman

    It was pretty late in the morning when I got up. I'd showered and was about to get dress when I heard I horn beep. I peeked out the window and saw two guys talking. Then I notice that it said 'Kirby Vacuums' on the side of one of them's car, As I watched I saw another guy going door to door ...

  • A Thick Bush

    I've always been envious of other women who shave their pussies. Because we girls talk about these intimate things all the time, I not only know that almost all my friends either shave or trim I've even been shown a few examples. But my husband loves my thickly bushed pussy, so I've always stayed ...

  • Adult Book Store Slut

    dominated by wife

  • An Animal: Chapter 2

    Story Conclusion: 17 year old Troy Evans Jr. battles his sister for the love of Melvin's 9.5" black dick, "Unlike my sister, Melvin has cum inside of my ass." Sibling rivalry was never like this.

  • Blue Roses Tattoo

    Diner waitress pines for exotic adventure in a small town

  • Booze Cruise

    Sandy gets a good fucking on a private booze cruise...

  • Bouncer

    An ex-marines cock has a mind of its own...

  • Bromance Romance

    Two best friends, Mecah and Darian are dumped by their girl friends and decide to go to a local club to find some chicks to take home for the night. This is my first one so, it's going to be interesting just writing it.

  • Butch Trade, Mechanic

    A surprising visit from my Str8 Butch Trade Mechanic and his brother-in-law.

  • Captured in Santa Monica

    It began innocently, though some might think not. A Main St bar, Santa Monica, California, in place to be at the time. I was new in town. slid by the line at the door by waving to some acquaintances. Standing beer in hand back against the bar when a very glamorous blonde girl started chatting me ...

  • Charles

    When her black boyfriend two-timed her, my wife married me on the rebound. Suddenly he was back and as horny for her as ever and it looked like even I couldn't stop him from having his way with her.

  • Christmas Party

    Dusty has the best sex of her life after the Christmas party...

  • Cold Tits

    aising his lips to blow warm air into her ear he murmured "Take my cock out." Enthusiastically she undid his pants and got at his hard cock. Pants slipped off, he eased her down onto the carpet, astride her, squishing the boobs together with each hand, pushed his cock in.

  • Cosmic Events

    First time experience between two best friends, one straight, one gay. A true story.

  • Dancing for Each Other

    She slowly, sensuously stripped down, and then she was dancing. The seagulls wheeled and cawed overhead, shouting their approval and enthusiasm, but she was dancing just for me.

  • Day One - Higher Learning

    While pursuing my doctorate degree, I found a really hot straight guy who could sleep through almost anything. I took advantage of this opportunity to see what I could do to his beautiful body...

  • Descent into Chaos

    looked hard at Gavin. So, he had been listening yesterday after all. He didn't have to be convinced of Rhodesia's descent into chaos.

  • Dinner with a stranger

    Slipping out of her tight sheath she stood in black bra, sinful black panties, garter belt, stockings. Glistening black four-inch pumps accentuated her beautiful legs, turning my knees to jelly. I hadn't felt so vulnerable and helpless since the day I was inducted into the military.

  • Exceptionally Beautiful Man

    Within minutes they were undressed. She was more admiring of him than any other girl he could remember. She rhapsodized about his body, even his feet.

  • Experiences of a Gay Man and Straight Couples

    Two true experiences of a gay man being seduced by straight couples and performs to get his hands on the husband.

  • Farmer Gilbert

    Layla's golden aphrodisiac...

  • Forgiven

    Details of my stay at the Trinitas Inpatient Psychiatric Unit in Elizabeth, NJ.

  • Gangbang

    tasting her slightly salty fluid on his lips in deep appreciation. He sucked and swallowed until her pussy was dry, then began licking her wet flesh enthusiastically. Her sweet meats were so hot and delicious.

  • Gay Sex Revenge: Chapter 2

    My secret gay fantasy taken further.

  • Grandma's Indian Necklace

    The woman covered him in tinkling laughter again and, first, grabbed his head between her hands and buried it between her heaving breasts and then reached down and cupped his muscled butt cheeks and pulled his pelvis more closely into hers. His cock was lost in the sweet flow of her.

  • Grecian Grunge

    Gikas is a dirty ogre, but a great fuck...

  • Guy's Weekend: Chapter 6

    The guys complete the cum challenge...the male bonding experience continues.

  • Her First three some

    My wife Linda was going south to visit family so I had Kevin, a friend of ours pick her up at the DFW airport. She was to stay at his house until Joseph, her brother came to pick her up later in the day.

  • How to Peel an Apple

    I heard an animalistic moan and a garble of hoarse, lust-filled Spanish, and Hernando lifted me up with big, strong-palmed hands under my buttocks and hitched my midsection against him, my pelvis to his.

  • I am in love with women (my first Cougar experience)

    A chiropractors receptionist decides that I will be her next conquest when the Doctors not around.