"aah, ooh.... m there.. aah man, i love u... ohh harder harder... yeah baby... u got me yes.... aah"

The bedroom was echoing with the ecstatic moans of Brent. He was lying on his bed- in the middle of the big well furnished bedroom with his hands tied to the bedposts. His legs were up resting on the shoulders of Stephen who was drilling his ass hard with his massive organ, while Brent's slim waist was held in between Stephens hands. Stephen was pulling his tool all the way out of Brent's tight ass and then pusing it back hard all the way inside of brent sending waves of pleasure throughout his body. both of them were sweating hard due to the hardcore fucking season they were going through and brent seemed to savour each moment with great satisfaction. his eyes were closed and he was feeling Stephen penetrating his ass. after almost half an hour of getting fucked by Stephen , Brent reached his orgasm. His erected cock oozed out loads of white cum all over stephen' chest and abbs. meanwhile stephen too was done. he came in Brent's ass- as he was told prior they began by Brent- and brent seemed well satisfied. stephen pulled out his tool and placed it on Brent's lips. Brent opened his mouth to allow his organ enter and began to lick and clean his tool. meanwhile Stephen relesed Brent's wrists and let him free. as soon as he was free Brent turned and made Stephen lay on bed while he licked his abbs and chest to clean the sweat and his own cum that he sprayed a few seconds before. after sometime of licking Brent let himself lay over Stephen's body- now completely exhausted by the complete season with Stephen. After relaxing for quite sometime Stephen moved Brent aside. he felt sticky so he went straight to the attached bathroom for a shower. he let the showers loose and allowed the warm water to wash away the sweat and cum from his body. after cleaning his medium length size dirty brown hair and muscled ripped body, he slowly washed his tool and then dried himself. when Stephen got out of the shower, he saw Brent sitting on the armchair, a havana resting between his lips where his cock was a few minutes ago, still naked. beside him on the table was the 500 dollars that was Stephen's pay for the night. stephen slowly went over to the table and stuffed thedollar bills in his trouser pockets and quietly got dressed. all this time Brent kept looking at him. AS STEPHEN opened the door to leave , brent spoke" when will u come next time to see me?"

stephen turned his features now grave" i never come to see my clients, i visit them only when they are able to pay me . next time you hsve money enough to pay, u know where to find me"

saying this Stephen walked out of the room and then the farmhouse of Brent.

Brent- he was the son of an industrialist and had no worries for money. he was attending college now,and due to his love for football he has been playing since his birth, he has developed a good physique. at 20 years of age, he stood at 6ft and had muscles at all the right places of hi body. hewas good looking and nearly all girls prayed to god for having relationships with Brent but he was interested in boys. and so it happened that one day another of his freind told him about the " paradise" . it was a beautiful restaurant in the heart of the city but along with great food it also served hot boys to their customers. it was where Stephen worked. Stephen was the most handsome and desirous of all the cutomers of this restaurant and so he was allowed to charge high amounts. after all he was young 19 years, he was greatly handsome, his medium sized cut dirty brown hair, green eyes the cute face and sensuous lips, his face was more than the face of adonis as many commented. at 6ft 2 inch he had beautiful muscles, he was a regular guy at gym as his business demanded, his body was ripped with muscles, hw wasnot huge but he was not slim.... he was just perfect, his skin was tan brown and god has taken special care while structuring his enourmous organ. it was rumoured that one of his clients who took him home was so afraid to see his tool that he paid him double not to get fucked.

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