• A gay Mormon love story

    A story of two Mormon men and the start of a wonder relationship

  • A Short Break in France

    Suspicious of my boyfriend Geoff having bedded the stunning Yann, my birthday break in the South of France was shaping up to be a permanent break ...

  • Alex and Edward

    My hardening cock had given me some discomfort as I watched him stride toward me. The sudden stiffening became uncomfortable as I became aroused just watching him walk toward me.

  • Box Shaped Heart: Chapter 16

    Carter receives a visitor he has a hard time sending out the door. Then Aron comes back, and Carter starts taking a more 'active' role in their conjugal sex life.

  • Box Shaped Heart: Chapter 17

    Carter has a lot of fun in the bedroom with Aron, but guilt keeps nagging at him. Telling the truth, however, seems to be not such an easy thing to do.

  • Box Shaped Heart: Chapter 18

    Carter advances his career as a fashion model, Simon brings a rather unusual gift, and Aron wants to take him out to celebrate.

  • Box Shaped Heart: Chapter 19

    Carter discovers Aron made a new friend while they were apart and goes to meet the guy.

  • Box Shaped Heart: Chapter 20

    Carter and Aron play in the bedroom with sexy underwear and homemade porn clips.

  • Box Shaped Heart: Chapter 21

    A certain naughty video gets leaked.

  • Building Things: Chapter 50

    As this is the 50th chapter, it is a bit lengthy. Derrick and Ty continue to help out Aiden. Alec is slowly coming to a decision about his life with Conner, and Conner is still in deep and going deeper. Enjoy.

  • Fist To The Heart

    A fighter with everything to lose meets the man of his dreams. Full summary inside.

  • Gaijin Kagema, Foreign Courtesan

    American cowboy Reno serves gay Tokyo's art world.

  • Holiday Companion

    New in town, David seeks a holiday companion.

  • Journey Thru Abilene: Chapter 3

    Gordy becomes Glade; dances in and leaves Abilene.

  • Journey Thru Abilene: Chapter 4

    Last stop Billings, Montana.

  • Madison Mills

    Young male model Nick injured in New Jersey New Year's Eve 2018 car crash after Times Square and hotel room celebration.

  • Madison Mills: Chapter 3

    Nick is taken to a masked party in hedonist gay male Madison Mills and shown he is still desirable to men.

  • Madison Mills: Chapter 4

    Does recovered Nick go back to his male model and escort life in New York City or remain with friends and lovers in Madison Mills?

  • Madison Mills: Chapter 2

    Nick wakes in hospital following car crash to find his face has been disfigured. A benefactor sends him to a private clinic in Madison Mills, PA, for recovery. Dr Singh takes his fee in bed.

  • My Boyfriend’s Best Friend: Chapter 3

    Caleb contemplates whether he should tell Mason the truth about Dean. However, he's not ready to face the consequences, and Dean offers an alternative solution.

  • My companion

    Now I Ryan Wayne have gained such a special friendship which I absolutely cherish, one of the families had an elder son named Oliver Reece. (No sex but a little emotional)

  • My First Love

    Bastian kind of wanted to know what it would be like to be in love. To be a relationship, but there was a problem, Bastian liked guys. Bastian wasn't sure how to even approach a guy, until Will.

  • Possibilities: Chapter 3

    You never know what will cum from beer, bourbon bonfires. This bonfire took some unexpected twists.

  • Possibilities: Chapter 2

    A week into Kyle's stay, things start to get interesting, and in a direction I would have never expected. Read along as I learn something new. You might learn something new, too.

  • Possibilities

    Feeling the financial struggles of divorce, I ran into an old co-worker. As new doors open, financial and more... The beginning of a great adventure awaits.

  • Practice

    Derek has been lusting over his straight neighbor. Now his neighbor needs some practice in bedroom, and enlists Derek's help

  • Santa’s best present for me

    Parts are kinda corny, but it’s fun. Santa brings me just what I always wanted

  • Taking A Ride With My Best Friend

    A balanced friendship is hard to maintain, especially when driven by dirty smells of desire and horny looks of lust.

  • Taking A Ride With My Best Friend: Chapter 2

    We over-indulge at a party featuring a holy mattress, take some tasty pictures and come clean in the shower.

  • Taking A Ride With My Best Friend: Chapter 3

    A weekend getaway gets interrupted, but travelling back is a delight - our friendship eventually sliding up a gear.