• The Neighbour's exhibitionist son

    Watching the exhibitionist neighbour's son through the window as he pleasures himself

  • Ander: Chapter 2

    Julin gives his son the first blowjob and promises four more today. And next he will have a banquet with what Ander shat this morning.

  • My Papi: Chapter 4

    I went to my uncle's place for family day.

  • One Year: Chapter 2

    Another year passes.

  • Sebas Sex Diaries: Chapter 25

    Jose, the Cuban guy who fucked me while I was sick, came for a second (and third) round. A totally unexpected message arrived with a shocking proposal.

  • Step-Virgin

    Emo twink Shane is home alone with his redneck older stepbrother Jason on his 18th birthday. Lucky for Shane, Jason wants to party.

  • Sissy slut Gangbanged hard and put up wet

    Total fantasy of mine to be used by several men, even though this has not cum true I hope it will one day.

  • A delivery that had an extra package just for me

    A delivery turns out to be more than just a routine favour

  • A Very Naughty Night

    Cari goes out dressed as a sexy woman to a night club and becomes a woman in the arms of a very masculine man!

  • I Just Needed a Tune-up

    My car wouldn't start but everything else worked fucking great.

  • Jock Sex Slave

    In the sleepy town of Chained Rock, Illinois, there are a surprising number of secret perversions and unspeakable lusts among the inhabitants. Is it something in the water? Or the work of some mysterious power? These are their stories... Another neat thing about Chained Rock is that all the ...

  • Like being hit by a brick wall

    Daniel had a good life all be it a lie. Now he was about to catch up with his past.

  • Father, Boyfriend, Lover, Me: Chapter 5

    Jon is asked to take the cherry of the son of a friend of the family

  • First time sucking cock

    Loved getting head from men but never tried, scared I'd like it and feared being gay so never really tried sucking a cock until high on speed and at my favorite adult book store with booths with glory holes.

  • He's My Brother-In-Law

    Why did my brother-in-law show me his dick?

  • Kidnapped

    A unexpected sixteen year old teenager is abducted off the streets and taken to some hidden hideout. He's confronted by six tall menacing, muscle-bound hooded men who precedes to torture and gangfuck the teenager relentlessly until he's fucked into complete and eager submission. Only then does the ...

  • The Bear and the piggy: Chapter 2

    Chapter 2. The bear and the piggy make it to a motel. What happens next is shocking!

  • Held For Ransom!

    Kidnappers get a lot more than they bargained for.

  • At the Laundromat

    Men have started taking their wash to the laundromat since Ryan joined the staff.

  • A Night With My Cousin

    A man gets a visit from his cousin who he's had the hot's for and they have a hot night.

  • Identical Twins: Chapter 2

    The more I got aroused the rougher I got. Uncle Paul was obviously liking this and was squirming and writhing about on the bed.

  • My Story of becoming a cock slut

    This is the true story of my first time and how it led to becoming a cock craving slut

  • When it all started: Chapter 2

    Daddy's Briefs

  • Diary of a Teenage Hunk

    Young Brandon has his first gay sexual experience in his pickup at the mall with a guy he meets in the restroom. He likes it. Second experience is with a young clerk who measures him for pants....after that one he decides to write down the experiences in a diary. (Author's Note: Several of these ...

  • Fucking the Swim Coach

    I texted Coach Aiden asking if he wanted to hookup. Eleven hours later I was fucking his brains out.

  • Good Dog

    as much as he could with his threadbare blanket. The basement was cool and a little damp and this slight blanket was all he had to cover his naked body. (Revised with apologies)

  • Sentence

    Future punishment for gang rape.

  • Ultimate Stealth

    Dad and partner stealth fuck men in Tampa FL

  • Lost Parts

    Future genital modification techniques.

  • The XXX Theatre

    The businessman introduces me to a few hard friends, and I get gangbanged, at a XXX theatre.