• Coach's Bitch

    A football player gets broken in by Coach. (WARNING: CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF RAPE, BONDAGE, AND FORCED SEX)

  • A visit from Grandpa *Inspired by true events*

    Surprised to see that Grandpa came to visit me and Dad for Thanksgiving. Trouble ensues. Inspired by true events.

  • Forced sex at boarding school: Chapter 5

    My sexual adventures felt great. But still... I was confused. Did it mean that I was gay ? Or bi ? And what would happen if I would let myself go completely ? Marc had some more evil plans for me...

  • Secret Bros : Chapter 2

    I could feel his face close to my ass and then he started nibbling biting my ass through my boxers.

  • Secret Bros

    A story about a secret brotherhood between guys in college.... What happens in college stays in college!

  • The Stepdad

    A gay stepson gets more than he bargains for from his stepdad

  • My dad

    Getting caught with a school friend

  • Good Cop, Bad Cop: Chapter 3

    Straight, by the book Detective Kevin Brady continues to be dominated and humiliated.

  • Sentence

    Future punishment for gang rape.

  • Sissy slut Gangbanged hard and put up wet

    Total fantasy of mine to be used by several men, even though this has not cum true I hope it will one day.

  • My First time with a man

    An encounter that just happened after years of repression

  • Parking lot blowjob

    This is the story of how my ex girlfriend, made it her mission to get me to suck a guys cock

  • Big beefy cocky football player teen

    A young man has admired a huge beefy teen that is super cocky and sexy now he might have a chance to get with him

  • One cold night while camping...

    It started out as a perfectly normal camping trip between two good friends, but one rainy and freezing night changed everything...

  • Barry's Bathhouse

    A young Jock enters a local bathhouse for bears and older men. A young man's fantasy becoming a reality.

  • Big Cock Boy

    A short story of true event. Names been changed of a jock and your average Joe.

  • CD goes to a adult theater for some action

    A CD goes to a adult theater to get used.

  • My First Glory Hole Surprise

    Went to the local book store for a glory hole blowjob but to my surprise the times were reversed as was my life.

  • Became My Friend's Mom

    This is a gay incest sex story of a guy with his friend and his dad. After my friend's mom left the town, father and son made me their bitch for two days.

  • Forced to incest

    Pete and his son Dave are as usual on a nudist beach. When they are walking back to their car a man suddenly appears from the shadow and with a gun threatens them to kill them if they don't give him some incestuous fun.

  • My Best Friend's Dad

    On one visit to my best friend's house I never dreamed what would happen.

  • Building Things: Chapter 54

    Things come to a head for Greg at home and his secret is revealed with what he's been going through....

  • Alpha Zulu 69

    A story of romance and lust between two special forces soldiers recruited to provide protective service for two ten year old twin which are out of control

  • Leroy and Me: Chapter 2

    daddy and son action on an Amtrak train heading to LA

  • Jock Sex Slave

    In the sleepy town of Chained Rock, Illinois, there are a surprising number of secret perversions and unspeakable lusts among the inhabitants. Is it something in the water? Or the work of some mysterious power? These are their stories... Another neat thing about Chained Rock is that all the ...

  • My Boyfriend’s Best Friend: Chapter 5

    Caleb struggles with balancing his feelings for Mason and Dean. Things are only made worse when his brother begins to intervene.

  • The Asian Persuasion

    My brother moves in and his sexy Filipino dealer is always around, even when my brother isn't there.

  • Doctor's Orders

    A virgin boy gets a new doctor... and more than he bargained for.

  • My Cousin's Thug Friend : Chapter 2

    "Fuck! I wanna fuck you so bad right now!" he hissed, undoing his pants, letting it fall to the floor. * Re-uploading a revised version.. pleasant viewing

  • Getting him under control

    A domineering landlord has designs on his new tenant, and has just the tool to get what he wants...