• My Big Ass Brothers

    John was the oldest out of the four of them. John was always the cool and hot one. He made girls chase him. Until John noticed something about his three brothers. They all had grown huge asses

  • MY First Cross-dress experience: Simply Awesome

    My first crossdressing story

  • Skinhead Craig, Danny and others

    Danny comes to spend 5 days with me while his mom is out of town and he becomes a hard skinhead

  • Stable Boy

    A man who kidnaps and enslaves innocent people to make them his human ponies shows that he is not such a monster, after all.

  • Submitting to Luke: Chapter 3

    We continue with Luke and Steven as their day progresses

  • Submitting to Luke: Chapter 4

    Luke and Steven resume playtime, though this time Luke turns up the heat.

  • The Engineering of Consent

    Two guys meet at a bar. Or do they?

  • The Start: Chapter 3

    I wanted him to make a baby with me.

  • 5 weeks a slave

    I'm doing this for love but it seems that I'm about to perish.

  • A Bets a Bet

    As Paige watched, that was the moment that she knew, could see Calvin's attitude start to melt when Andy lightly danced his fingertips over Calvin's nipples. And when Andy started licking Calvin's nipples Calvin's head rolled back and he let out a sigh.

  • A Burglar at My Back Door

    His virginity is taken by an intruder.

  • A Coach's Persuasive Motivation

    The coach begins to reveal his unique methods to motivate the players.

  • Coach's Bitch: Chapter 3

    The main protagonist spends the rest of his life with El Diablo, his new Master.

  • I'm a Slutty Cheerleader

    Daddy wanted to fuck a teen cheerleader and I wanted him to fuck me, so he bought the outfit and I got more than I could have hoped for.

  • Jerk Off Instructions: the pleasure of being controlled

    Wanna enjoy the pleasures of being edged? With this text, you may jerk off as if being controlled by a horny master! I haven´t seen anything similar out there but i hope you like it.

  • Kidnapped

    My new neighbor was quiet and strange, but I didn't know how strange until I was begged for help from a young naked man.

  • My family slave: Chapter 2

    Finally Nat gets home, finds his brother naked and he is given explanations of what has happened between his brother and his father previously. He decides to become his brother's master too and all the members of the family begin to have incestuous sex.

  • My Very Pleasurable Prostate Exam

    My very first prostate exam turned out to be very pleasurable. This is actually a true story and really happened to me.

  • The Slave

    1850 Slave Period- Master Phillips is the owner of a cotton plantion in Alabama, and one day he decides to haves ome fun in his basement with a hot young slave.

  • The Train

    Clickety-clack, clickety-clack, clickety-clack...

  • The Two Dads Turn Me Out

    When teasing goes too far.

  • Tyler

    You may remember Tyler from my previous story "Evan". He also had a complicated relationship with his best friend, Joe. This is the story of how it all started.

  • "Athletic" modelling

    Bryan is approached to do some modelling, and leads him to try a lot more....

  • A Summer With Dad

    My Dad is a trucker and I love spending summers on the road with him, but the summer after my eighteenth birthday was the best.

  • As a White Horny Guy, My Lust for a Big Black Cock

    Cody, a 23-year-old constantly horny gay white farm boy, had bedded two of his neighboring farmer's white adult sons many times by the time he was 23-years-of-age but his constant fantasy was to get fucked by a Black stud's huge black cock.

  • Best friends dad

    I knock on the door of my best friends house it’s school holidays and there’s little to do so Shayne’s is a good place to hang but his dads the one thats hanging out

  • First Time Fisted

    After fucking a load into me, I laid on my back to catch my breath. My jock strapped ass turned him on and within a few minutes of resting, I took my first fist.

  • Girlfriend Dad Takes me Fishing! : Chapter 2

    Story Continues

  • His shit son

    Tyler enters the bathroom with the aim to piss but he finds his father has shat and forgotten to flush. He is unexpectedly aroused by that stench and smells and finally tastes it. He is eating his father's crap when he suddenly returns home, finds his son eating shit and decides to punish him.

  • I Want To Suck Daddy!

    18 year old Danny finally fulfilled his dream: sucking Daddy's dick!