• His Girlfriend's Brother

    Andre falls into a moment of weakness when he's left to hang with his girlfriend's younger brother, Devante.

  • Father and Son Landscaping

    After an awkward encounter with the landscaper, a fantasy came to life

  • Sleep with My Brother-In-Law

    i slept with my sexy dream man (BIL).....

  • My only friend

    Meeting my friends family

  • Pizza Delivery: Chapter 2

    The delivery truck was not going anywhere that night. I was stuck at the house for the night.

  • Bucking Broncos: Chapter 6

    A newcomer annoys Andy.

  • James

    Never having dreamed how good that would feel, I submitted entirely as he pried open my ass, and all but helped him out as his hardening dick got closer and closer to my hole.

  • The Inmate

    After picking up a hitchhiker and finding out he was just released from prison, things develop.

  • My dad and me: the beginning

    How my dad introduced me to the family tradition when I turned 16.

  • Caught

    Life after getting caught having sex with another male.

  • My only friend: Chapter 2

    They were still liplocked but his dad now had his hand between his sons legs and was gently rubbing on his cock which I could now see was really hard.

  • Pizza Delivery

    Young Tristan learns what it means to deliver to a BIG Tipper.

  • Captain Bob

    An airline Captain and a First Class passenger get stuck in Pittsburgh in a weather emergency. How they weathered it is described herein.

  • Mind fuck

    Barry is a little homophobic guy who one day surprises his flatmete fucking with a boy. He's so angry that he tries to punish him. But Joshua knows how to defend himself, talks to him and start mindfucking him.

  • Crossing All The Boundaries

    When Marquis spends the afternoon arguing with his girlfriend, he later cheers himself up by turning his attention to her best friend, Jalen.

  • Party Hook up

    This happened once when I was invited to a frat party and sleeping with a frat guy was on my bucket list. Crossed off.

  • Hispanic Delight

    Marty had always found Hispanic men irresistible and his dream finally comes true...

  • First-Time Orgy Slut

    The first time I ever attended an orgy

  • College Boys Curse

    2 asshole jocks go too far and get what’s coming to them as what they think is a curse starts to change their bodies and lives forever

  • Snow Drifting

    Soldier drifts through holidays with former lovers.

  • A Fort-nite

    I put on my ass locking cock ring on before I came to work today, knowing what was in store for tonight. My ass had a ball the size of a large fist lodged deep inside, burning my fuck hole with desire.

  • Debt Recovery

    Running up debts you have no hope of repaying is never a good idea. Especially if all you have as security is your body ...

  • My stepbrother

    When two stepbrothers have the bluest of balls after two botched dates, there is only one way to go.

  • Backup Plan

    Bisexuality can be a cure...

  • College Boys Curse: Chapter 2

    Erik gets what he wants but soon finds it comes with a price

  • I'm a Slutty Cheerleader

    Daddy wanted to fuck a teen cheerleader and I wanted him to fuck me, so he bought the outfit and I got more than I could have hoped for.

  • Taking it big

    That sounds so fuckin' hot. I hope he screws you a couple of more times just so I can hear the sloppy fuck sounds.

  • My first job

    Submitting to my new boss

  • D' Him Up

    A friendly game of basketball between members of two rival Black fraternities turns into something more erotic.

  • Bruce

    I had been lucky enough to have Bruce fuck me on and off for a while already. I was always eager with my deep hole, but often tight for his almost 10" dick.