• A helping hand

    Helping a friend can have great results.

  • My Brother & His Friend - Perfect Assholes

    I had always known that my brother, Tommy and his best friend, George were perfect assholes.

  • Practice

    Derek has been lusting over his straight neighbor. Now his neighbor needs some practice in bedroom, and enlists Derek's help

  • Personal Experience

    I'm your typical bottom twink twig. Mike was a big brute top with a thick dick. I enjoyed his company but had never taken him anally.

  • The Farmer's Son

    Traveling salesman get's to sleep with the farmer's 18 year old son, seduces his dad, and the son's buddy

  • Friend's Husband Breeds Me

    My friend asks me to check in on his husband while he is away and being the slut I am, I couldn't resist getting an ass full of cum after a casual coffee in town.

  • You know the rules

    Searching for the coach's jockstrap, a horny young man gets in on a little secret.

  • Father & Son's Jock Sweat

    I was home from work at the normal time, around 5:30. My 18 year old son and I were scheduled to hit the gym for some tension release. At least that is what I called it

  • Mountain Mike

    Ken was now asking Mike all kinds of a personal question as he sat on the edge of the hot tub. He could not keep his eyes off of bugle when he started to rub it a few times later.

  • My dad and me: the beginning

    How my dad introduced me to the family tradition when I turned 16.

  • My Mother's Boyfriend: Chapter 8

    Nick gets to put on a show for Chris.

  • Bookstore

    Brian is just an everyday guy who loves having sex with men. One day, he hopes to find love, but he isn't expecting it to come his way in such an unlikely setting. This is the first part of his story.

  • Tommy, Again

    Two former college room mates reunite 10 years later.

  • Anonymous BBC

    Word gets around about my sexual skills. A random anonymous text with a couple hot dick pics was all it took.

  • Hookup while Biking

    This goes back a few years to the days of gay.com online chats but met a guy and we went for a bike ride only to end up fucking in the grasses around the reservoir

  • Fucking his Ass at a Local Monument

    We agreed to meet in the local park at an old monument where he got down on his knees and I skull fucked him before dumping a load in his ass.

  • The Weekend

    My fantasy about a straight guy comes true, with mind-blowing consequences...

  • The Bukkake Sex Dungeon He Built in Our Basement

    I could feel each boy's cum shoot on my face and chest, each one warmer and larger than the last load. And at the end, the 11th & last boy to cum on my helpless body had to suck my hard cock to the finish line.

  • 86 Days of Summer: Chapter 5

    A lot of things can happen at Summer Camp. When you're stuck with the same boys for three months, who knows what will happen.

  • Until the Rain Stops

    My shirt was wet and sticking to my smooth muscles, my getting heavier and hugging my heavy meat and ass cheeks as they bounced with each heavy stride.

  • Until the Rain Stops: Chapter 2

    The straight chapter

  • Getting dominated by an 9 inch cock

    Got dominated by a 9 inch cock while i was traveling

  • Unlikely

    Danton is as you say a wolf in sheep's clothing and because of such the Fates guided him an Unlikely mate, coming to terms both Danton and his new mate Luka set off to complete life's journey.(8 to 10 chapters)

  • Boy to College Girl

    Charles has battled against his feminine features all his life. It takes a single experience with a dominant, alpha high school jock in the locker room to make him know his place in the world. ! ARCS Needed !

  • New Years

    Straight guy turned out

  • I sucked a cock and I loved it

    I am a married, white male, athletic build, very masculine. I've been married over 10 years. In the last 2 or 3 years, as my wife Barbara was sucking my cock, I've often have watched her and wondered what it would be like to suck a big cock and take a load of hot cum in my mouth. I started ...

  • The House of Bastian

    It's amazing how much people can change our lives, but is it for the better

  • Cum-Dump

    Becoming my older stepbrother's cum-dump... (re-worked new version)

  • My First Love: Chapter 4

    Like all good things this too must end

  • My Mother's Boyfriend

    Nicolas's mother is dating again to his dismay. He's eighteen, young sexy, and rude to her new boyfriend who takes him away for the weekend and shows him what he really is.