• The Captain

    Two rugby fit boys enjoy each other in the showers

  • New School, The Smell

    Ash finds himself in his new principles car after his interaction with Austin in the shower, who turns out to be the Principles son but is everything as it seems.

  • White Bitch Moan

    A country boy, tears out of town drunk, after finding his girlfriend being fucked by two black guys. He passes out in the middle of nowhere, in front of Terrance's house who shows him what white boy ass is really for.


    A visit to a nearby convenience store results in some "oral instruction" times two for a man who just wanted to buy a soft drink.

  • Cleaning The Ashtray

    Two seniors at boarding school decide to punish a junior caught smoking...

  • My New Buddy

    In the bathhouse Phillip shed his trunks and stepped under the large shower head. "Come on get out of them trunks and get under the shower with me. I won't bite that thing off...At least not yet," he said with a chuckle.

  • Hard Times

    Hard times sometimes have a silver lining...

  • 2 Long Time Friends Blow Each Other

    Story about 2 old timers sucking each other off

  • Restricted

    An encounter with a biker changes the perspective of a "funny guy."

  • The Jocks | Chapter 03: Ryland

    I wake up in the morning to find that Fitz has left, but when I go to the kitchen Ryland comes on to me, and we have passionate sex upstairs in my bedroom.

  • English Teacher Part 2

    Teacher and his student fuck in the school bathrooms

  • English Teacher Part 1

    A english school teacher rewards one of his students for an excellent essay by letting him fuck him

  • Like father, like sons - Part 1

    This is a straight/bi story of a father and three sons, who enjoy the company of women. However, being bi myself, I believe the descriptions of both males (primarily) and females, should be able to arouse (pun intented) the interest of the reader. English is not my primary language, Danish is, but I use it on a daily basis; do not expect my commas to become better, while I try to keep the grammar in check.

  • Bait and Switch

    It's his first time!

  • Janitor

    Naomi becomes obsessed with the janitor's dark meat...

  • Like father, like sons - Part 2

    Sam bring home a personal trainer and his sons bring home company. See discription of Part 1 for details.

  • The Alley

    After visiting a bar Bobby enters the alley of delight...

  • Jock Boy 4: Swim Meat

    Small dick top teaches his big dick straight bully the joys of dick

  • The Jocks | Chapter 02: Fitz

    A few hours after the circle jerk the party ends, but Fitz and a few others stay behind because they are too drunk to go him. Fitz climbs into bed and we end up fucking,

  • Massage Parlour: Part 1

    New standalone story featuring a hot encounter that leads to possibly more Andy (35) Tim (26)

  • Alley Man

    Love is found in Chicago's arctic blast.

  • New School, Am I Gay?

    After a bit of trouble at his high school Ash needs a fresh start but will it be the change he expected?

  • The Jocks | Chapter 01: The Circle Jerk

    Some of the popular football boys who just graduated high school with me come over to my house for my sister's party and end up coming up to my room for a hot circle jerk.

  • Completion: A Love Story

    Love is found among Mother Nature's wrath.

  • Teaching Larry and Mike a lesson

    Jeff got his new gym buddy to teach his cocky friends Larry and Mike a lesson and now the time has come. Neither Larry nor Mike could ever know how much one night at the gym can change your life. An unoffical sequel to Fighter v Bodybuilder by P238

  • Turkish Delight 01

    23 yo Umut, a soccer player, lives in Izmit, Turkey. As a young man he begins his sexual life.

  • Birthday Three-Way

    A true story about a birthday celebration that ended in a three-some with my boyfriend and his best friend.

  • Last Call Ch. 1: The Glass Cube

    Searching to penetrate an arms smuggling ring in Cyprus, a young spy finds threesome sex. This is a seven-part series that will finish posting by 21 August 2017.

  • The Undead

    When the zombie apocalypse brakes out, people will do what they want with whom they want.

  • Younger years, CH2

    Things escalate with my uncle Andrew.