• Cum-Dump

    Becoming an older stepbrother's cum-dump...

  • Getting Fucked by my French Exchange Student

    My curiosity about dicks led me to get viciously fucked my host student in France.

  • Fucked by a Dick Dancer

    Needing some cock really bad so off to the XXX arcade, I got more than I expected

  • Lessons To Be Learned

    A father takes a son to his job site to teach him about the family business.

  • Catch and release

    This is my first attempt at writing so I'll start with my first encounter

  • The Club

    Zane is Raped by a stranger Until....

  • Pete fucked me at the Brick

    A little trip to the bar landed me on a hard cock in a room full of people and no one knew.

  • Golf Stroke

    Billy got really turn on seeing Stephen stand in front of the mirror as he began shaving his face and chest hairs and was truly surprise watching him pull down his underwear so he can trim his thick dark pubic hair that he always likes to keep it trim and neat.

  • My Mother's Boyfriend

    Nicolas's mother is dating again to his dismay. He's eighteen, young sexy, and rude to her new boyfriend who takes him away for the weekend and shows him what he really is.

  • Connor's Pretty Horny - Part 6

    Connor ties up some loose ends and sees a familiar face.

  • At The Table

    A man is one source of income for another man.

  • An Open Door

    An Open Door explores the sexual tension that develops when a shy young professional, finally admitting that the mortgage on his new condo might be might be a little more than he can handle, rents his spare room to Jared, a dark eyed, curly haired construction worker with no respect for boundaries.

  • Master Harvey is home

    Mr McKinsey finds himself in a difficult position when a neighbour comes over.

  • Delivery Adventures

    Delivering pizzas in a big city comes with it's own surprises for a recent college grad...

  • Fucking best friend's brother

    When going to visit his older brother, Cash has to go with Jensen, his brother's friend. On the road trip, Jensen reveals that he catched Cash checking him out in the shower years before; quickly they realise that they can have loads of fun on the trip, that does not involve Cash's brother. Note. mi ypologies fur yll zhe spøllin müstakes!

  • Home From the Range

    A man lives in the wealthy suburbs but has been changed working for his Uncle on ranch out West

  • The Man In My Room

    A young man spends his life accompanied by someone who may not even exist.

  • Grindr Helping my Speedo Fetish

    This true Grindr hookup experience between two guys with a serious speedo fetish is hot. Sucking cock through the lycra of their speedos causes a cum soaked mess.

  • Are You Afraid of Me, Boss?

    My new manager at work is one of those "nice gays", pleasantly good-looking and kind and earnest. And it's cute the way he gets uncomfortable around me. I'm a cocky young bastard and 100% homo myself - dominant, masculine, top. So it's fun to tease Russell and make him sweat a little. Because my job is boring as fuck... and boundaries are a lot more interesting when they're at risk of being obliterated.

  • Friends forever

    Two good friends spend some quality time together

  • His Brother's Hot Friend

    Horny Justin fantasizes about a passionate past encounter with his brother's hot friend last summer.

  • Aquacade

    Two guys get very involved with team sports at their school

  • Roller Games

    Never screw around with the leading jammer.

  • Was it a dream ?

    Just you’re average gay high school student with fantasies of having his cherry popped by his hunky dad

  • Prince's Choice

    Young U.S. spy Jack is assigned as a spoiled prince's BDSM sex toy to keep the prince occupied and out of trouble.

  • A Brat's First Holy Communion

    Lifting sail and catching the winds of destiny, an adolescent boy undertakes a voyage fraught with consequences. Receiving first holy communion from sailors, he is forever transformed.

  • My dad and me: the beginning

    How my dad introduced me to the family tradition when I turned 16.

  • The Football Player

    A true story about me having the best sex of my life with a football player who was too drunk to leave my house during a party.

  • THE CENTURY Chapter 2

    Chapter 1 introduced us to Kyle and Jason, to guys in their late 20's / mid 30's respectively. Meeting at a coffee shop, they go out on a first date ending up at Jason's small penthouse style condo. While preparing dinner, they get distracted with some hot action on the couch. Let's pick it up from there and see how the rest of the evening pans out.

  • THE CENTURY Chapter 1

    Intorduction: Kyle and Jason meet