• Get It Into the Hole

    A straight stud must pay up with his body after he loses a game of pool.

  • The Lifeguard and the Hunk

    A horny lifeguard seduces a straight stud as he gets felt up and then more.

  • Coming out to dad

    A teenage boy comes out to his father

  • The Mechanic

    A small town auto repair shop and a truck that needs one of its mechanics.

  • Swimming Lessons

    Lessons that turned out more than I expected

  • Putting Out for the Frat Guy Next Door

    A seemingly straight married man finds himself slowly seduced by the jock next door. 7/13/18 - And get caught up before the next chapter of their story is posted next week!

  • My brother and I

    Sexual awakening

  • Getting to know my Co-workers

    You get to meet some interesting people working at a large Hospital.

  • My dad and me: the beginning

    How my dad introduced me to the family tradition when I turned 16.

  • Riding Cowboy Randy, Bareback!

    Another guy at the mall, worked at the Western wear store fucked me after work one night

  • A Rural Life

    Fen lived on the fringe of the community but a new arrival challenged him, pulled him out of his isolation.

  • Being my brothers bitch

    A night out turns out to be a lot more interesting than expected. Whenever I see my brother, I should expect trouble.

  • Educated

    Kyle is jumped in the locker room and given the education he never knew he needed by a group of anonymous men.

  • Forced sex at boarding school

    I don't think that I am gay, but I saw this incredibly hot guy at boardingschool. I could not keep my eyes of of him. Until the day this hot hunk decided it was enough.

  • Control

    Mike played the field, brought boys home and fucked them. But after each encounter he felt something was missing.

  • Pool Party

    Philandering married novelist blackmailed into sex with neighbor.

  • Suffering for my son's fun

    Adrian is raped twice the same night, the first time by an unknown stranger, but his son sees his father's rape and jacks off. Adrian sees him and since that moment he wants to suffer for his son's fun.

  • Crossing the Stream

    Letting it all hang out in the Rocky Mountains.

  • Cruising

    While on a cruise, the unexpected happens.

  • Box Shaped Heart

    Straight guy wakes up in his gay best friend's husband's body. Full summary inside.

  • From Innocent Virgin to Slut in 24 Hours

    Naïve, innocent Scot moves south of the border to England to live with his aunt. On a walk in the local woods with his dog he meets a man that changes him from an innocent virgin to a dirty little faggot.

  • The Swimming Pool

    Dad & sons day out

  • Corbett

    Only one person has ever called me Jase. That voice stopped me dead in my tracks.....

  • Tyler: Chapter 15

    Joe has finally given in and let Tyler fuck him again but Tyler still wants more.

  • Swimming Lessons: Chapter 2

    At some point, without me seeing, he had removed his speedos as I noticed them on the side of the pool. He stood to the side of me, undid my shorts and pulled them straight off.

  • First time threesome

    First gay experience - with two men

  • Top King

    Newly moving into a condo and seeing the man of his dreams at a local gym, Jason decides to take a chance when he again finds that stud on Grindr and soon falls under that stud's spell.

  • 3 Stories of getting Fucked

    3 tails of ugly hung guys that fucked me

  • A boring cinema ends in time of my life!

    I had gone to watch a morning show at Sterling cinema on a Sunday morning, which turned out to be boring. But what happened at the theatre turned out to be what I had never expected.

  • My new neighbor Lorenzo

    A Long Island husband learns not to cross the muscular host who shows him a real man doesn't need nice clothes to impress.