• The Football Player

    He undid his jeans and shoved them down. He wasn't wearing shorts and his warm, meaty cock pressed against my backside.

  • Horny Tennis Brothers

    Two athletic brothers discover their true feelings

  • Taking it for the Team

    Coach tries out an unusual team-building exercise.

  • Seducing the Straight Wrestler Jock

    Getting the muscled athlete horny and being a good buddy by lending a helping hand

  • Pleasing Dad

    Dad needed relieving, should I help him.

  • Black Man's Pussy Boy

    I don't know how long I stood staring at his body and his crotch, but it seemed that all of a sudden he was beside me, closing the bedroom door. As I heard the door click shut, I looked up at his face in surprise.

  • The Priest

    This is a real life experience. ..

  • How Did I End Up in a Stranger's Bed with a Hot Hunk having Wild Man Sex?

    This is the story of horny Andy bar hoping with his best two buddies, getting drunk on his ass, getting separated from his buddies and winding up in bed with a herculean stranger getting the ride of his life?

  • The Neighbor

    Fun in the pool turns into more

  • My straight Neighbor fucked me for 15 years

    My neighbors wife would not take care of his needs, so I made myself available for him on demand. Our wife were great friends and they had no idea I was his bottom

  • The Step-dad

    After Mom remarries, my brother and I have problems accepting him until we make an awesome discovery.

  • Upstairs

    After reluctantly going upstairs, my worries are comprehensively negated...

  • My dad and me: the beginning

    How my dad introduced me to the family tradition when I turned 16.

  • I satisfied her husband for her for 15 years

    I let my neighbour fuck me for 15 years while our family's were friends and our wife's hung out together. I did his wife's job for him by laying on my back, something his almost never did.

  • Camp Master

    This is the story of the day my life changed when my best friend dominated me and showed me a world of pleasure I never thought possible.

  • A Model's Brief Experience

    A straight male model feels more and more uncomfortable during a photo shoot.

  • My First Experience (part 1)

    Me and two my friends were just simply hanging out one night, having a sleep over in my house while my mother is away. Surprising things happened after I came back in my room.

  • Diary of a Teenage Hunk

    Young Brandon has his first gay sexual experience in his pickup at the mall with a guy he meets in the restroom. He likes it. Second experience is with a young clerk who measures him for pants....after that one he decides to write down the experiences in a diary. (Author's Note: Several of these ...

  • Brotherly Love

    Who better than an older to teach you some erotical?

  • Jocks For My Wife

    This is a story about a high school coach who enlists some of his young jocks to service his nympho wife.

  • Partner

    Ricky gets his cherry busted by his hefty housemaster...

  • My Brother in law hurts his leg (Part 5)

    James takes some time to think about his next move with Phil

  • Fucking my Math Teacher (Part 1)

    An innocent trip to retrieve my laptop became hot sex session with my math teacher, whose college stories led me to grabbing his huge ass and more.

  • Gangbanged white pussy boy

    Chad's first fuck was a black man, a garbage collector with a dick the size of Texas. Chad had seen him fuck his mother a few times, and knew the burly black was socking it to her good by the noises he heard h

  • Enemies

    Sworn enemies are brought together by a hot pussy, in a sizzling bisexual threesome...

  • A Male Escort by Accident

    Andrew Stevens, an Anglo-American, drifts more or less accidentaly into the Male Escort business. He discovers he really enjoys the work and a chance meeting with another gay leads to his ultimate happiness.

  • Redneck Neighbours

    After meeting my redneck country neighbors, things develop.

  • Getting Slammed by the Married Guy

    After our session in the lockerrooms at the pool, the Married Guy told me to go home, strip down to my new jockstrap and wait for him to get there. He fucked the shit out of me!!!

  • The Best Of Friends

    This story, and any of the follow will be the retelling of my own experiences in life. Any and all input is appreciated but be nice please. In Aust we were of legal age.

  • Surprise Development

    First time