• A Big Harry Daddy Deflowers His Son's Best Friend

    Big Daddy and his wife Antoinette host a joint 18th birthday party for their son Mario and his best friend Cody. After booze had big daddy horny as hell, he gave Cody a special birthday gift by deflowering the innocent 18-year-old's virgin ass.

  • Getting Fucked by a Baseball Player in School

    My baseball player lab partner and I stay after school to finish a science lab and he fucks me in a storage closet!

  • The wrong locker room

    What happens when you make a wrong turn?

  • Educating Ricky

    Ricky gets an education before going away to college.

  • Touchdown

    A football player finally gets a shot at a romance that he's always wanted.

  • A Stick of Butter

    A guy gets more than he bargains for.

  • A Coach's Persuasive Motivation, Chapter 1

    The coach begins to reveal his unique methods to motivate the players.

  • Twins' spring recess with Sted-Dad - part 1

    Long story notice. This is the first of three planned installments about Conner and his twin step-sons, Kaleb and Nick.

  • Summer vacation with my friend's dad

    Young inexperienced curious bot gets seduced by his best friend's dad one summer when they unexpectedly spend a lot of time alone.

  • Amazing Sexy High School Senior Seduces A Prominent Community Leader

    Chase, an 18-year-old high school academically outstanding senior, interviews an outstanding community leader and businessman for his senior paper and becomes consumed with lust for the successful older businessman.

  • Hunted

    Young Ben looks for cowboy action in Durango and finds almost more than he can handle.

  • Dorm Room Dilemma

    My college roommate's body is to die for, not to mention, he uses it to torment the fuck out of me on a daily basis.

  • Dildo

    Not your typical dildo

  • The Tenant

    New tenant is too good to pass up

  • Prom Night

    Two high school classmates end up in bed together after their senior prom.

  • The Military Academy - Welcome to the Launther Young Men's Military Academy

    The military academy was supposed to 'straighten' young men out. Primarily it was 18-year-olds who were send there by their parents, when they could not be bothered to deal with their sons' shit any longer. Others were send there by a court rather than ending up in some prison, where they would be the bitch for some other inmate.

  • The Workshop

    Evan's first job encompasses more than he could've imagined...

  • Connor's Pretty Horny

    Connor is frustrated with college until...

  • The Mountain

    It divided the region, a natural divide most didn't circumvent. But Wesley did, cutting his own path over the mountain, a path he could ride his bike as he visited the other side.

  • Hypnosis Kid

    A hypnosis hardcore story starring a young innocent jock.

  • Touchdown: Chapter 2

    It's game night. What will happen between our star player and the boy obsessed with him?

  • Marco Island Summer Lovin'

    Hank's plans for summer loving take an unintended turn.

  • 1313 Cypress Avenue

    Just an ordinary Sunday afternnoon. I am on my bike coming back from the store horny as usual, when I spy a young man in the window of an old house, his hands down in his boxer shorts playing with what seem like 10 inches even from where I was. He motioned me in.

  • Gorilla

    Race car driver laid out like an animal by a hairy football player and his mate.

  • Cowboys Getting Crazy

    Two random strangers meet at a bar in Texas, then go fuck their brains out into some sex toys.

  • The Paperboy - A Love Story

    He was 19 but looked 16. Athletic and a budge concealed nine inches are more. He always had that cute grin for me when he came to collect and this time he asked me if he could come in for a can of soda or something it was fucking hot outside. I politely opened the door.

  • Fucking my Best Friend's Dad

    Joe's Dad comes home to find me fucking his son's sex doll that I found in his closet. He joins in and eventually it leads to me fucking him in the ass.

  • First Gay and Speedo Experience for 18yo

    Meeting two amazingly hot guys at the local pool, this curious 18yo wears a speedo for the first time which is just the start of his first gay experience.

  • Watching 2.0

    Lamont watched him, all through school, struggling to contain his feelings, keeping them to himself.

  • Dads Boss

    After our very short wrestling match that I notice that he has torn a fair side hole into his crotch of his dress pants. I was truly amazed to see him wearing red color sports briefs. It was also a short time later that I got a little crotch smell from him when he planted his bulge onto my face.