• At Scott's House

    Two masculine, handsome and hairy-chested men in an engineering firm find each other.

  • That Doctor in Rio

    The heat in Rio gets to me, and then a Doctor gets me hot!

  • Reconnecting with Tony

    Inch after inch slid deeper into me, stretching me from the inside out. I could feel his full bush make contact with my quivering hole, telling me he had filled me completely. At that moment, I also felt his weight come down on my back, tickling me as his hair rubbed against my smooth skin.

  • Tom The Teacher

    Once inside the door, Tom pressed me against the wall and started kissing me deeply. I could feel his cock starting to lengthen again. He lifted me and carried me over the kitchen table. Gently laid me on my back and slid all 9 inches back into my already cum filled hole.

  • A Surprising Nephew: Chapter 2

    Dave and his nephew have spent a totally unexpected and sex-filled night together. Come morning, they contemplate what passed between them and deal with their feelings about it. Do they continue or should they put this behind them as an aberration?

  • Hired For My Ass

    With the wild hunger of a cockwhore I opened my mouth and slid his cock into my mouth. I slipped my hands under the straps of his jock and pulled him deeper into my mouth.

  • Seduction of a marine

    A handsome Marine describes a sexual attack in such detail, it got me so hot I almost came in my pants!

  • My Best Friend an I

    A coming out story of two best friends.

  • The Freshman 13

    My first time with my big dicked roommate.

  • Summer Shower

    Summer fun and sex at a military swimming pool and shower.

  • Sophomore Year: Chapter 2

    It's the weekend, and TJ and his 3 roommates decide to chill out with some wine and beer. Alan gets the idea they should play 'Truth or Dare.' So they do.

  • Shooting on a Bet

    A bet is made to urge me to prove a claim.

  • Baseball bathhouse

    Nick is a baseball star who has to keep his need for man sex a secret, and discovers a lot of fun in the bathhouse.

  • Sophomore Year

    TJ heads back to Boston to start his second year in college. But first, some unfinished business with a certain Italian(s).

  • Trucker Kin

    After the Marines and with the help of a Marine bud, I got a job driving a big rig cross country. What happened later, I never dreamed of.

  • Wet dreamer

    I walk in on a soldier having a wet dream - it comes to a happy ending!

  • Phone Calls

    When we can't get together, we use the phone!

  • Pool Sharks

    I raised the wager in the pool game and we all loved it!

  • Freshman Sophomore Summer: Chapter 3

    TJ goes over to Joey's house for the afternoon. Later at dinner, they are joined by Joey's cousins from Italy. Boy cousins.

  • Homeless guy

    I saw him on the street, barely eighteen if that, holding a sign saying he was homeless.

  • Easy pickup

    A clean men's room - lots of sex.

  • Backseat drivers

    A little car - a lot of sex!

  • Construction Workers Son

    This Is A Very Long Story... But I Read This Story Twice And I Hope You Guys Will Like It Too... And This Is Not My Story But A Work Of A Writer... ENJOY

  • My Sister's Husband

    As my sister's marriage falls apart, my life gets better.

  • Truth or Dare: Chapter 2

    A game of truth or dare turns wildly fun for Chris.

  • Bill and Frank go camping: Chapter 2

    Celebrating the third anniversary of their becoming a couple Frank and Bill return to the lake where they became lovers. They have a surprise for Ranger Dave!

  • Brief Encounter on the Metropolitan Line

    Today appeared to be another day where the most I could expect was a bit of ‘window-shopping’ on London's shabby Metropolitan Line, but the sight of three lads waiting on the platform pulled me abruptly out of my fantasies.

  • Twincest

    I glanced up to the mirror and saw myself coming out of the stall. I was gobsmacked.

  • Anything for My Son

    Jeremy, Currently making his living as prostitute, Meets up with a old friend from the military, Colt. Now he struggles with the idea that someone besides hims son could possibly truly love him.

  • In Germania: Chapter 2

    Resolution and return to Rome.