• The Wrestling Championship

    I was in contention to be the next State Wrestling champion in the heavy weight class, just one hurdle, winning the match with Bo Collier, A God in a human body.

  • Lance and Vance, my twin Nephews

    Visiting my older brother was a treat, in more ways than one, I had never been so well treated before, but then My Nephews were not eighteen that last few times I visited.

  • A Southern Summer

    During one particularly hot and blissful summer on an old family farm in the South of the 1980's, a shy nephew and his hirsute uncle discover a mutual attraction for one another.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Book 1: Chapter 2

    This is an S&M fantasy. Two straight guys meet by chance in a bar. They find themselves descending into a relationship that tests the body and mind of both. One angers the other and pays a price. The big, handsome, alpha male will be beaten, bound, humiliated and eventually broken. And that's ...

  • My Brother's Rooster

    My Brother's Rooster - I was sharing bed with my eighteen old brother.

  • Twilight: Chapter 3

    Even hotter and getting intense read and enjoy! Comments needed thanks!

  • Father-Son Bonding Campout: Chapter 2

    Things beging to get hotter as the campout continues and everythings turns into the most awesome campout of all time.

  • The Tutor: Chapter 3

    I met with Stewart Bush over dinner. I had seen him several times at games and school events but it was the first time I'd noticed how very good looking he was, and what great shape he was in.

  • Confessions Of A Teenage Bodybuilder

    Sean Lucas started high school as a five-nine, 135-pound freshman, about as nondescript as any freshman could be...

  • State Track Championships: Chapter 3

    After a pre-race breakfast where Joey gets re-acquainted with TJ, the Leeman twins race in the State Finals. The championship celebrations continue well into the evening.

  • An Awakening By The Sea

    My first time was daring, exciting and unintended. At a remote beach in the sand dunes. I was only seventeen, "He" was many years older, handsome and willing to take charge!

  • Eric's Older Brother

    I was doing the kid thing with Eric, but I was developing an intense feeling for his older brother, I was about to get my fantasies fulfilled.

  • Protective Custody

    Having witnessed a robbery and attempted murder, Buck Thomas is placed in protective custody. With no freedom, Buck's gay sex life erodes. Or does it?

  • A Father's Love

    A young man, new to the gay world, confesses his life choice to his father, only for his Dad to offer a shock confession in return.

  • Going After The Homeless

    I had always liked my men clean but yet manly smelling. Suddenly, things changed and I craved sex with the raunchy homeless guys on the street.

  • A Brother's Revelation: Chapter 3

    Clint, on leave from the Marines, visits his brother and partner in the family construction company and finds out that his brother is gay.

  • Fraternizing with the Enemy

    The whole European Theatre was crawling with the Nazis, Hitler was trying to take over all of Europe, we had landed on Normandy Beach and marched into the Full Fray of the Battle to save France, And I was a young American Soldier, just trying to say alive and make it home. I was about to find out ...

  • Danny and His Uncle

    I was comming into my own as a maturing lad and my hormones were raging, Then My Uncle Mitch Took me under his wings so to speak and I got lessons, man did I ever learn the lessons of Life from my Uncle.

  • A Cowboy's Saga: Chapter 2

    Life was just wonderful with Pete, and I had fallen totally in love with him. There was something that was bothering Pete tho and I couldn't get him to open up and let me in on it.

  • Billy Payne

    Billy Payne, the all star scholar/athlete comes back into my life and conquers me with his powerful, insatiable stamina.

  • The Marines and The Scout Troop

    A Squad of muscular Marines are out for a morning run, clad only in combat boots and tight PT shorts when they come upon a troop of scouts resting across a small stream. When the boys wave and yell and offer them bottles of water, the DI marches them right through the stream to the other side. They ...

  • The Fucking Machine

    Seconds later, the machine hummed softer and the expansion stopped. I couldn't judge how big it had gotten. I only knew it felt huge and it seemed to swell even bigger when it actually throbbed!

  • Sex in the Hayloft

    Nate Brock is excited when his dad hires a muscular young stud right out of the Navy to work on his farm. He and the sailor, Lucas, work together in the heat of the hayloft, stacking bales of hay as they are loaded onto the conveyor below. While they wait for another load of bales to be brought in ...

  • Caribbean Stud

    As the plane touched down, my thoughts were to make this trip the catalyst to strip David from my life, relax, and get on with things. After claiming my baggage, I got a cab to the secluded resort.

  • First Big Date

    Ben watches the neighbor grow up; when his parents are called out of town they ask Ben to watch out for Jason, who is having his first big date. Ben loans his car and when Jason returns late, tells him to spend the night.

  • Travelers: Chapter 2

    Tuck pulled out and finished shooting his load on me. All over me, mixing with my own come. I clung desperately to the edge of insanity as my head whirled around like a tornado. I couldn't focus. I couldn't breath. I choked, like I was sobbing.

  • Travelers

    Brad Covington meets a straight hunk on a cruise. It's supposed to be a honeymoon cruise for studly Tuck Stoner but his fiance backed out of the marriage and his parents insisted that he take the cruise anyway and try to begin to get his life back together. Brad helps him all he can as they sex ...

  • Dakota and His Dad

    Dell takes his son, Dakota, on a camping trip for his 18th birthday before the boy goes off to college. Their candid father/son conversation turns intimate as they open up to each other, leading to physical intimacy.

  • The Truck Driver

    A young stud truck driver arrives at a warehouse on Saturday and calls the owner, begging him to come in a unload him. The owner is perturbed till he arrives and gets a look at the guy. He gladly unloads his truck, then takes him in the elevator and unloads the trucker.

  • The Horny Groom

    A young PA, physician's assistant, is on a getaway at a B&B where he meets a studly new groom who comes down to the breakfast room in his shorts. The strike up a conversation and the PA learns of the young stud's patient frustration with his new wife who can't handle his oversized endowment. The ...