As our clothes drop silently to the floor, I start by kissing you very gently on the face, mouth and neck. I press my tongue against your sweet lips, teasing you as though it was my cock entering your waiting mouth. I run the tip of my tongue down your neck to your beautiful breasts circling your nipples and then back to your neck.

I am hard now, my cock presses against your body, I slide it down between your legs, brushing against your pussy and just making contact with your clit and then pulling away from you. You arch your back and I pull away even further. I only allow you the slightest contact with my cock.

Pre cum is already starting to ooze from me and I gather some on my finger and brush it across your lower lip and then push my finger deep into your mouth and you instantly suck eagerly on my finger.

I gently roll you over and begin kissing the back of your neck and then run the tip of my wet tongue down your spine repeatedly, I kiss and caress your ass and as I go to your neck once more, my wet cock dripping with pre-cum slides between your cheeks. You react nervously but don't resist. I bring you to your knees and slowly explore between your legs with my tongue. I lick you everywhere, places you never dreamt of a man licking you. I circle your anus, slowly with my tongue, touch it ever so softly with the tip and then press it gently until it enters you. Slowly, I probe and then withdraw, I feel you jolt with excitement as though you had been shocked with electricity as I reenter you once again this time while pushing my thumb gently from your clit into your hot wet pussy. Your juices are now dripping on to my wrist.

You reach between your legs and gently caress my balls. You reach further and brush your finger slowly across my anus and then with both hands you grab my cock and gently but firmly pull and push, running your hands its full length. I gently roll you on to your side and I position myself next to you kissing your tummy, your belly button and tracing the line to your waiting pussy. I probe you gently with my left hand locating your labia and clit, ever so lightly I manipulate your clit as you arch your hips towards me and your juices run down the side of your thigh. It's time for you to experience my mouth. I move down, and use my tongue to probe and tantalize your clit, I then softly suck on your clit move down a few inches and thrust my tongue into your body, I move down even further and probe the area between your pussy and your anus, and then back to your clit while I gently probe you with one finger and then two and then after a few minutes while sucking gently on your fleshy mound I probe you with all four fingers as you lift and push towards my hand.

Sensing your impatience, I remove my fingers kiss your vagina and caress your hips with my hands. Kneeling between your legs, your knees up but not yet apart. I slowly enter you with just the head of my cock and withdraw. I push your legs gently apart and kiss your tummy and work my way between your breasts and kiss and nibble on your neck and ear lobes. Then I enter you completely as deep as I can. I am feeling your silky smooth wet pussy surround my hard cock. I feel your muscles pulling me deeper inside of you.

I feel you convulse slightly and I press even deeper feeling the edge of your cervix, you react. You become much wetter. Just what I had hoped for, it feels like you came, squirting your love juices from deep inside all over my cock and in such quantity that it is even soaking my tight balls and inner thighs. When that subsides and I feel you relax a little. I withdraw my wet cock and move to your side and towards your face trying to make you understand that I want you to take me in your mouth and enjoy the juices that I have already tasted. You instinctually do just what I want; you suck and lick my cock while gently holding my firm balls

and using them to pull me deeper into your waiting hot mouth. You take to it like you've done it all your life. You genuinely seem to enjoy the taste and texture of my thick cock. I roll onto my back and you follow, pushing my cock deep into your mouth and throat and then slowly pulling back drawing my cock gently across your teeth. You then move slowly to my balls and draw them into your mouth with your finger tips and suck gently while the saliva from your mouth runs beneath my balls and soaks my ass.

You return to my cock which is now dripping a continuous flood of pre-cum down its shaft. The clear slightly saline fluid is offered to me with your fingers and I lick them to taste my own pre-cum as you smile at me, obviously you are very turned on. You return to my cock with your very soft lips and your hot mouth and you surprise me by entering my anus with one finger and then, within a second you add a second and search for my prostate. As you find it, I know you can feel my cock react, increasing in girth and pumping yet more of my delicious pre cum deep into your mouth. You moan softly and push me deeper into your mouth. You are now straddling one of my thighs and you are undulating your hips, rubbing your clit hard against my upper leg. Soaked with our juices I arch my back raising my hips off the bed as you expertly suck my cock while still fucking my body with your fingers.

You gather almost a mouthful of my juices and kiss me gently on my mouth. You enter my mouth with your tongue and allow the pre-cum to run down your tongue into my mouth. We kiss deeply as you give me the juices and then sip them back into your mouth. We swallow and you then bring your breasts to me, asking with your eyes that I kiss them, caress them with my mouth and suckle on them like a small boy child. It brings you to a place where you throw your head back, squeal softly and flood my stomach with your pussy juices. We fall into each other's arms kissing gently taking a brief rest before what certainly needs to come next.

After a few moments of intense feelings of affection and gentle caring I start to feel the natural urges to mount you. I slowly move between your legs, you move to your back as I do. I kiss your lips, I caress and kiss your beautiful breasts and nibble on your nipples. Moving slowly I trace the outline of your breasts, beneath your breasts to your upper arms, the sight of the sides of your breasts as they flow in a perfect line to your arms excites me.

I move lower kissing your flanks, your hips and your bare pussy still wet with our body fluids. I lick you and begin to suck on your clitoris. You react instantly, you lift your hips, pressing hard against my mouth. I eagerly lap and suck on your body enjoying every drop of you. I feel you orgasm and I drink every drop of you. I am in complete ecstasy.

As you relax, I sit back on my lower legs brushing my fingers across your bare soaked pussy. I press my thumb against you and slide it inside of you. You pull the pillow to your face and bight the pillow case and writhe beneath me. Not being capable of waiting longer, I start to rub my manhood against your body, I start at your pussy and then slide downward to your anus and then back., You are so wet that the sheets beneath you are now soaked. I tease you giving you the option of where you desire me to enter your beautiful body you reach frantically for me and put my cock in your cunt. It obviously is what you have been waiting for and what you have needed. You orgasm again, you shudder and shake you moan and then squeal. I am barely inside of you.

As your orgasm starts to subside, I start my him movements slowly and with no regularity. I penetrate you fully and then withdraw being sure to touch the head of my thick cock against your clit. I move your hand to your genitals showing you that I want you to press down, holding your clit tightly against my shaft, you knowing comply. Thrusting and exploring every inch of you it is amazing. I am surprised and your muscle control as I pull back your body sucks me back into your body. It feels so amazing, I never want it to end. I fuck you more aggressively now, lifting your hips placing your legs over my shoulders and driving my cock deeply inside of you. It is easy to reach your cervix now and you react each time I touch it with my swollen cock head.

For some time I continue ravaging you while I bite at you in different areas of your torso, inner legs and breasts. On each occasion you jolt, twist your body obviously completely sensitized to every touch no matter how slight or aggressive. I am now kneeling with my body erect. I take turns with your pretty delicate feet I lick between your toes; I suck on your them individually and trace the bottom of your feet with my tongue. You are losing your mind now, my cock pressing hard against your clit and deep within your body. It's becoming difficult to control your flailing body. You are cumming very hard. I feel like I am in complete control of you, your mind and your body. It's exciting but it's not yet time to let you have your body back, not yet.

I withdraw, roughly roll you over, showing you that my strength is not to be resisted. You comply; I reach under our stomach and lift you aggressively to your knees, pushing your face into the pillows. I force your knees apart and thrust my cock deep inside of you. I hear your muffled yelp in the pillow and feel you squirt your juices flooding my groin. I again ravage you much more like an animal in this point; I can hear myself grunting like a beast as I literally pound myself deep inside of your pussy. It is very different now, pure aggression and lust.

I gently probe your anus with my finger insuring that is well lubricated by our fluids. You are so exhausted that you make no attempt to resist. I enter slowly and gently, pressing downward until I can feel my cock moving within your body, amazing.

I force you down on the bed flat, I raise my body above you and continue to drive my thick cock into your pussy, you react when I we feel my balls contract and my cock swell, You attempt to lift towards me and I allow you take control. You give me all that you have left, you ride my cock while moaning and swearing and I feel you about to orgasm yet again. I slow my pace meeting your movements and letting you control the pressure and rhythm of our bodies. I make certain that you have the feel of every inch of me.

While still on your tummy I press my cock to the top of your vagina while I probe your ass with my left thumb and then I press downward until I can feel the edge of your pussy just below your clit. You grasp my tight balls and pull me forward; you seem to love the alternating pressure realizing is something to be thoroughly enjoyed. I can hear my stomach slapping your ass as we ride this pleasure, our minds racing through this visually sensuous erotic experience. You start quietly at first, saying, "please fuck me", then "fuck me", please, "fuck me". You continue this louder and louder as your body rocks, twists and presses back into me. "Oh God please fuck me hard, fuck me deeper you bastard".

We explode, you collapse, we cum together I collapse on top of you penetrating into your deepest parts squirting my hot load deep inside of your body. Again and again a seemingly endless amount of hot cum is pumped into your love hole. You lay motionless, I think, she's passed out? After a moment or two I with draw and drag my cock from your pussy between the cheeks of your beautiful ample ass and linger above your anus. You don't move a muscle, completely exhausted and relaxed I seize the opportunity and press towards your anus, soaked with my cum and your juices it is easy, I gently push, very slowly until my cock head slips inside of you, I'm amazed, I'm excited but, cautious not wanting to ruin this.

I wait and then press a little further, perhaps another inch, you lift slightly, the first sign of consciousness and I respond by pulling back slightly and then pressing inward, You are wet, but so tight it is incredible, my cock is semi rigid but willing itself back to life. Over the next twenty minutes or so I hover over you being as gentle as I can. Slowly you become more responsive, I feel you moving, I sense that you have moved your arm and left hand beneath your hips. I now know that you are touching yourself and I begin to move in opposition you're your hip movement slowly and cautiously at first. I want you to take the lead and control the penetration. This is my first time with you.

It seems that once I am inside, you are not in any discomfort and it is a curiosity that I sense coming from your body. Then it appears a realization on your part that this is actually a good thing. You relax and become more cautiously active. And here we go! You press into me, I penetrate further, and you wiggle your beautiful ass and then start to undulate slowly up and down as you literally suck my cock deep inside of your ass. You rock and I press forward until I can give you no more. You contract and relax and I feel you getting moist. It must be me once again, more pre-cum I wonder.

I realize in my ecstasy that you are masturbating at the same time. I realize that you are really enjoying this dream of mine. You are sending me messages that you are about to cum yet again for me. The guttural sounds that you are making leave little doubt that your now into this.

I continue to meet the movements of your hips as you come up on your knees and we are once again in that crazy lustful moment in time where nothing matters, no consequences and it wouldn't matter if we were in a crowded room of on lookers It's amazing, you are outside of yourself, loving the sensations loving the fact that you are controlling your man and fucking his brains out. We last only seconds more and we both finish, I pump hot cream deep into your body and you moan in delight.

We move together as you extract every last drop from my throbbing member, we collapse into your bed and slowly my spent manhood slides gently from your body. You roll towards me and we kiss gently, and you say softly, "thank you lover, I have never had anything like that in my life, I will love you forever. Next time it's your turn".

And we drift into sleep with the scents of our body's surrounding us.



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