I finnally fell asleep and for some reason I woke up with the biggest smile on my face

I yelled. Dan are you awake

Ya bud I am awake

Well you better start fixing yourself up after class this afternoon

Ooh fuck yeah we going out tonight

Yyyeeeeaaahhhh bbuuddyyy

We jumped into our clothes and headed for class

This was the longest day ever It felt like class was never going to stop ........ We went to our last and final class for the day I started texting dan on his phone

Dan we must get drunk tonight

Yeah bud feeling the same way nd get some pussy

I alreaddy aranged that for us !!

Wkth who??

Some chicks I know. But they won't be joing us at the club !!

Why not its better to fuck a drunk pussy !!!!

I know but they will meat us at the dorm tonight after we were at the bar/club

Tats ma boy !!! Proude of you !!

So what are we going to do when we get home ??

We will maby. Hill have a few more drinks an then just wait for the girls to come !!!

Sounds like a plan dan !!

Yeah buddy but we first need to get some condoms and lube for tonight before me and you can go to the bar!!!

Wtf why lube??

Becouse the girls are virgens ( acctually telling dan a small white lie )

Ooohh so we are going to be the virgen brakers of them hahah so exited for tonight !

We headed back to our room showerd and get dressed eat nd off we were to the nearest adult shop we can find it was about 7 miles away from the bar !

I got 2packeds of condoms and 1 big bottle of lube. It costsme a fortune but its all worth it

We went to the bar an found some of our friends there the others were still at the dorms .....

As we were waiting we had a cuplle of bears just to finish the day of scholl work !!

So the others arived and the party started we were almost 30 people most of them are. Dudes ( our friends ) the other are just people on campus !!

Me and dan had such a wonderfull time drinking and dancing and havung fun

( A little history about me I was one of those boyes I can drink as much as I like without getting fuck drunk ) well on the other hand I started drinking normal couke and dan drank shooters and mixed his drinks so much that he was wasted as hell it wasn't good enough so I went and bought him a bottle of jagamister his favorite he smile at e and said in a big and loud voice now let's party !!! W all went to the dance flour and just the previous week the song of pitbull and kesha. Came out the new and awesumest song timber !! All of our friends were on the dance floor doing the tim er dance the line dance it was fuckkng awesum just as the song finihed the bar lady ran the bell to signl the last round for the night we went nd bought bout $100 of shooters now that was a lot it was almost 400shooters !! It was incane hahha but we had a blast !! We were chucking the shooters down our throtes an the bar lady said closing time we all got up amd walked out of the bar I alreaddy had dan's car keys and I jumped into the driver seat and he was in the pasanger seat we then drove home with a big smile on my face I thought he was still a bit to drunk but what the hell maby he will remember what I was going to teach him tonight in bed. So I worked through my plan and we were at the last fe steps w drove up to our dorm room and got out. Dan drunk as fuck said to me I don't wanna fuck these girls tonight !! You bought me a botgle of jagamkster. I wnt to have sex with you and break your virgen !!

I was like whaaaat

I was so sclxked that se said that to me and I got the condoms and lube out and went in to our dorm and went to his room lied him down and said I am just going to put on my boxers I will be back I then jumped out of my party clothe and into my boxer and took my flash drive with me to. Maby get him to whach porn witm me like my plan !!and I heard dn schredming I want you to fuck me now not 5minutes from now I want you to fuck me now !!I ran to dan and told him he must keep quite or els he was gokng to alert the others an they will do anything to se what's going on in our dorm .....

I told dan I was going to tke his clothes off an put his jockstrap on becouse he like to wear them he said noo get my boxers and I had gotten his boxers and was on my way back to him when he said do u want to watch gay porn with me I wanna watch it !!

I told him we can do anything but just we quite !!

He sisperd yes

I asked him why did you say yes

then he ll of a sudden started looking at me funny and weard so I told him only one porn movie and then I m goingto bed !!! I jumped into the bed with him and starte watching the porn movie it was ablut 2 hours long nd I ha the remote and if dan wanted somthing I would fast forward it nearly to the end I asked dan are you sure you are voung to be okay sleeping alone he said yes iwill. Then I asked him if he needed anything he said no

I walked out of his room and stood just at thecorne of his door !!

I then came into the room. asking him if he is still fine he said yes I am fine. But then I played it I am incisting that I sleep with you in your bed just to .ke sure you are oky by oky I meen you musnt be loud and that you don't throu up in yout bed

He said yes an I was like ( okay I will ) but on the inside I was like fuck yeah whooooooow hey buddy.

But he diddnt see that side of me haha

K climed into his bed and wached the second movie I asked if I just go to my room to go nd get us some more gay porn he looked at me weird liken are you gay tipe of look

So I went and I got the condoms lube and my flach drive !! Happy as can be !! Shhh about that hahahaha

I vot back and cought him jerking off I asked him what he was doing and he responded aa a um. I I I I was jerking off to the porn movie how can I watch porn and not jerk off !! He said. Are you okay with me jerking off. Before I cluld answer he asked me if I wanted to jerk off with him as exited as I was I responced ummm I don't know ........... Yes I will

I climed into bed and wiped my cock out and he said what do you have in your han I said its my flash drive all of my gy porn is on there !! He then grabbed it out of my hand and plugged into his 85" lcd TV and started scroling through the different catagoies he said do you like watching gay pornbecouse you have a lot of this on your flas drive

Well I was going to lie to him and said it wassnt mine but I thought let's give it a go and I said ye I love watching gay porn I responded and you???

He said only when I am drunk I do gay stuff I asked him why only when you are drunk then he said becouse then I don't know what I am doing !!

Liken seriousely I was about lo laugh my ass of

He then choose one of the collage football after practice in the shower and locker room movie andstarted jerking off he said to me arnt you going to jerk off then I said to him I am more interested in your body !!

Wtf are you flirting with me right now

I said yes

He begun moving closer and closer to me. Askin whatare you doing

He said I want go suck your cock

Suprised as hell ..did he just said that

So do u want me tosuck you

I quikely said yes before he can change his mind and he moved slowly down his head now under the blanket andas I open my eyes I saw his head bouncing. Up and down my cock my loving god it felt so good my plan had work

He got off of my cock and asked me to do a 69 posesion with him and pulled down his boxer an he pulled down my boxer he shoved his boxer underneath meand I through myne ontop of his body.

It was really heaven and his dick tasted so sweet and so smooth I started licking his balls. As he begun moaning I asked him if he wants to fuck me or must I fuck you????

There was a awkwerd pause. And then he said we can do both

Do both I fuck you and you fuck me ???

Yes like that

At this point I am game for anything said dan

Starting to think this wa a bad idea but I heard the door bell ringing and jumped out of be and chucked a T shitr over my head and. Opend the door there stood jered I asked him what he was doing out here all by himself and at that time of the night ( now jered was fully gay) dan schreemd from the room I invited him over to join us !!

I was acctually was ashamed of what I tried to do we went to ghe foom and climed into th bed all 3 of us dan erick and jered we started to jerk off each others cocks and then jered said is that what we are going to do the whole night before icould think of saiying anything dan answers no we are goimg to fuck each others man holes so get the condoms an the lube and do what you need to do to fuck me

Jered lubed me up and I lubed up dan and I diddnt have to use a condome becouse I k ow dan he doesn't have any strange sickness but I wasn't sure about jered he had a huge cock but still ...

So dan laid on his ba k I stood at the back of him and jered stood at the back of me ... This was exelent !!

He then said brace yourself I am going to fuck you like I fuck my brother now that another story he started off by inserting his large mashroom cockhead and then inch by inch of his dick and soon I reached his pubes I could feel then gickel my bum nd he sai are you ready for this I said only if you are ...

He started a normal fucking pace that was a normal 2 count and then h sped up he was wild he made me feel so dam good I wanted more of this guy not just sex and bj and rimjobs I want him to love me every night like this thdn all of a sudden I feen him pulling out and he said put your head in a pillow you are going to schreem like you did on the field today ....

He puches his di k head in nicely and then he counted down 5........4........3........2....... 1. . He slamed his dick hard in my and I was nocked out. I layed there aslep and a bit later I woke up stull fedling tat monster cock in my I asked him how far are you from cumming he said a good 30 min then I will shoot so it became intence becouse his dick wa rubbing my prostate and hhhhooolllyyyyyy gggggggoooooddddd that felt so good it felt like the devil was dancing on my prostate well h flippen me on my back and gold me I must shoot first an I shot all over me and his body he was smiling at me like he wa inlove with me

He said he is ready to cum and he pulled out and put his dick to my fa e and said if you mess one drop you will hve to suck me till I cum again !!I opend my mouth and waited it took a good 5min for him to cum but it was worth it he splurted his man juses ll over my face most of it my mouth and thrn sucked him dry

I stood up and leaned in for a cum swopping kiss and we swopt cum nd tasted both lf ouer cum




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