where to begin .. Oh yeah i remember... It was on a march of 2010 where it all had begun.. I was just a confused 16 year old not knowin for sure which team do i play on.. Ive alway had some sort of a crush on girls but always had stronger ones towwards boys...

One night i was going to a friend of mine his name was tim .. He always had a way of making me have a hard on.. And one hell of a big one too...im sorry i ve forgotten to introduce my self. My name is Adam i am originally british but my family had to move out and we did we moved all way to cairo,Egypt .i have a slim body as in not too fat and not too thin, i have a pure 7'inches at full hard ons and a soft red head.. Any way lets continue the story..

As i was saying i went to tim on one night that would change our lives forever ... I never thought that such a thing would ever happen ... I went to him because he wanted help with his french lessons .. And i was more than happy to help, after all weve been best friends since kindergarten . And we did every thing together .. So i made it there it seemed very well that no one was home. I entered we sat and we cracked open the books , after an hour of french he slammed the book shut and those were his exact words, 'fuck this,' as i looked at him and he looked back at my bright brown eyes ,he continued by saying' I WANT TO FUCK YOU' Iwas like soo shocked but pleased at the same moment, i never thought that this would happen we both got off the chairs and went to each other he held my hand and ran with me to his room

as we stood there ready to have our very first encounters ever, he suddenly went to my face and kissed me stopped for a second and smiled at me and i smiled back at him, it was thrilling, we kept kissing each other ,my body against his well built muscley fit body, our tounges whirling at each other and just so , erotic and hot and i was melting into his beautiful hands and arms and then he took me and threw me on his bed and he took off my shirt as i did to him and we kept kissing as i felt his hand unzipping my pants revealling my full hard on and he just kept kissing my body till he went to mu cock and just kept kissing and sucking it i gave out a big moan and said 'fuck yeah' he sucked my dick like there was no friggin tomorrow and i grabbed him and switched positions and kissed him again and unzipped his pants revealing his huge 9' inches dick that was so big and thick that it would just be a treasure i looked at it in shock at how huge it was then i started licking it slowly he moaned and burried his face in the pillow he was making huge sounds of pleasure and as i kept licking tne top of his beautiful erect dick i opened my mouth and took it in .. I took it all in and i was about to get checked on his beautiful penis and he was just moaning loudly then he said ' i still wanna pound your ass hard ' i was like go ahead.. Then i rested on the bed as he licked my ass and just making me moan as loud as hell and i was in full pleasure untill it had turned into u thinkable pain as he started pushing his huge massive dick in and i was screaming into the pillow i told him to stop and i told nim to wait till the pain goes a few seconds latee i told him to go and so he did .. He fucked my sweet round ass like hell and i got used to the pain when it turned into pure pleasure in a matter of seconds i was jerking of while he was fucking me then i knew i was about to cum then i said ' OOOH FUCK AM CUMMING ' then there it was i was cumming ropes of white pure cum and just having the best orgasm there is then he got his dick out and started shooting his beautiful load on me and i was soo joyfull and it was amaaazing.. We cleaned up and kept kissing each other.. sadly un aware of what is yet to come




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