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My sister was just seventeen when she started dating Greg. He was eighteen and hot as hell. His muscular, yet trim, body was one of the best I had ever seen. I was fifteen and gay and lusted for his body, but knew I'd never get it.

When our parents were gone, Greg would come over and he and Judy, my sister, would disappear into her room. Greg always paid me to keep me from telling our parents what was going on.

I secretly damaged the binds on her bedroom window enough to allow me to see in went Greg visited. I knew that they were fucking, and I wanted desperately to see his cock.

For almost a year, when he'd come over and they would go to Judy's room, I go outside and get in position. They would strip and I'd get to see his hard cock. It was beautiful and I estimated it to be at least seven to eight inches long. I'd watch Judy suck on it before he fucked her and I so wanted to trade places with her. When he was ready to climax, he'd always pull out and shoot his huge loads out onto her stomach. I would jerk off and time my climax to his.

They dated for several years, and Greg eventually asked Judy to marry him. He had no brothers so he asked me to be his best man and two guys he worked with to be groomsmen. We gave him a bachelor party with a couple of strippers and it was hot to watch him and the groomsmen fuck them. I joined in, not wanting to give myself away and Greg even said it was obvious that I had fucked before, although I really hadn't. At least not female cunt. I had fucked many hot male asses, however.

After being married a couple of years, Greg commented that he wondered why I never brought dates home. My answer was always the same. I simply said I hadn't found the right one yet and was concentrating on my studies in college.

I soon graduated and Greg got me a job with the firm he worked for in accounting. I was twenty-three and he was twenty-seven and even hotter than when I watched him fuck Judy.

Our parents had passed away and Greg and Judy frequently asked me over for dinner. I never refused because I totally enjoyed being close to Greg because he frequently wore snug tank tops which revealed his large pecs and abs as well as his hairy chest.

Over the years, we had become almost like brothers. Judy hated sports and Greg would always invite me to join him on Saturdays or Sundays when he went over to a buddy of his to watch either baseball or football.

One Saturday evening as we left his buds place after a game he shocked me when he came right out and asked me if I was gay.

"What the fuck made you ask that?" I asked.

"Well, to be honest, we've never had you mention any ladies you might be dating but mainly, it's the way you look at me, especially my chest and crotch."

I had hoped that he hadn't noticed but I had been caught.

"Hell, Greg, I just admire your muscular physique. I'm jealous of it," I replied, trying to satisfy him.

"Hell, man, you could be built like me. All it takes is some hard work at a gym," he replied.

"Maybe I'll join one," I said.

That satisfied him and nothing more was said. Not until several weeks later.

He had called me to join him and his buddy to watch a game. I apologized for not being able to go saying that I had other plans. I wasn't lying. I had a date with a buddy of my own who was also gay. We were going to a gay bar to see their new male stripper review.

A few days later, Greg and I went to lunch together and on the way back to the office he asked me to come by his office after work.

When I arrived, he told me to close the door which I did.

"Mark," he began, "you're gay aren't you?"

"Greg, we've been over this before."

"Hey, I couldn't care less if you're gay or not. I just want you to be honest with me. Last Saturday night after the game, I had to pick up a few things at the store on the way home. As I passed the Dungeon Bar, I saw you and another guy coming out holding hands."

I stared at him a few seconds before finally saying, "Yes, Greg, I'm gay, but please don't say anything to Judy. I don't want her to know."

"Hey, man, it's our secret. Josh has even asked me if you were gay."

"Why did he asked?"

"He noticed the way you looked at me and him both."

"Damn! I need to be more careful. Don't say anything to him, okay?"

"Buddy, like I said, it's our secret, I promise," he told me then asked, "I'm just curious about something. What do you get out of having sex with another male?"

"For one thing, one man knows how to satisfy another better than a woman. And secondly, there is no drama when you have sex with a man like there is with a woman."

"Hell, I know all about the drama shit, believe me."

"I'm sure you do. Remember, I've known Judy all my life. I know how she can be."

"Mark, it's even worse when you're having sex with her. She's always trying to tell me how to do it."

"You don't have that when you're having sex with another guy," I replied.

Greg seemed cool with the idea of me being gay. It didn't change the way he acted or felt toward me at all. In fact, it felt to me that it brought us even closer.

About three months later, Greg said that his boss had a camp up on some wooded property about two hours out of town.

"He's letting the employees use it on weekends. I was wondering if you would like to join me one weekend and go up and do some fishing."

"Hell,yea," I replied. "That sounds great. Just say when."

"Let me see what weekend it's available and I'll let you now."


Greg came by my desk on Wednesday and said that the camp was available that weekend and asked if I was available.

"Hell, yea. You going to book it?"

"Yep. I just wanted to make sure you could go."

"Hell, I'll start getting things together tonight. When do we leave?"

"Hopefully we can get out of here about noon. I'll pick you up Friday morning, and when ever we can get away, we can leave straight from here."

Greg told Judy about it and she told him to have a good time. She began making plans to get together with some of her girl friends.

Friday morning,Greg picked me up and about ten called my desk and said he had it cleared for us to leave at noon.

We left and as we left town, he said he was going to stop and change clothes and get comfortable. I agreed that it sounded like a great idea. He stopped at a gas station and we both grabbed shorts and tank tops out of our bags before heading to the restroom.

Side by side in the small restroom we began changing. It surprised me when Greg also stripped off his briefs saying he was more comfortable going commando but Judy never let him.

"I prefer commando also," I said as I removed my briefs. "I totally agree that it is more comfortable."

"For sure," he replied, as I noticed him glance over at my cock.

Moments later we were leaving town for our weekend together.

As we drove, he casually asked, "Mark, do you ever go nude at home?"

We had gotten to the point of being able to speak freely when it was just the two of us together, so without hesitation I replied, "Hell yea, all the time. I only put something on if someone is coming over."

"Fuck, it must be nice. Judy won't here of it. The only time I get to do it is when she's not home, and the minute she pulls out of the drive, I strip down. I love the freedom."

"Man, so do I," I replied wondering why he had asked such a question.

We arrived at the property and he had me unlock the gate. Once he drove through, he had me re-lock it.

After a winding drive through the woods, we arrived at the small one room camp. Inside was a bath in one back corner. A kitchen area was next to it and on the right side was two queen size beds and on the left was a living area.

Outside was a large porch with wood rocking chairs, and between the cabin and the lake was a fire pit, picnic table and more chairs.

"The boss said the lake is private and the fence is a mile away in each direction. His closest neighbor is a little over two miles past the fence. He has assured me we won't be disturbed."

"Man, that sounds great. Just listen to the silence out here."

We paused and listened and all we heard was a few birds chirping.

"Peace and tranquility," he said.

We unloaded our bags and put them in the cabin, then our groceries, making sure the beer got into the fridge first so it could get cold.

As we started back outside, Greg quickly removed his tank top, tossing it onto one of the chairs. I did the same. We went out collecting fire wood for the pit. We soon had enough for the entire weekend.

When we returned, the beer was cold and we each grabbed one before heading to the chairs out by the fire pit.

We sat for a few minutes sipping our beer when Greg suddenly asked, "You feel like a swim?"

"Sure," I replied.

"Me too, but let's act like kids and go skinny dipping. No one can see us."

"Hell, I'm game if you are."

Greg stood and quickly stripped off his shorts. Kicking off his shoes, he headed for the lake totally nude. I was right behind him wearing nothing but a smile.

We dove into the cold water and after the initial shock wore off, we began splashing around and trying to dunk each other. As we did, our hands would brush against each others cocks. I noticed he was getting boned, which made my cock steadily stiffen.

After I became fully erect, his hand again brushed against me. He began laughing and said, "It feels like you're in the same situation as me."

"You got a boner also?" I asked.

"Man do I ever. Judy's on the rag and I'm horny as hell."

"That's part of the drama I was talking about," i said.

"I know."

As he started out of the water, he said, "Hell, I don't care if you see it. You've sen hard cocks before, I'm sure."

"Oh yea, but never yours," I said laughing.

"Look all you want," he replied. "You will be my first time seeing another guy with a boner."

"Well, like you said, look all you want," I replied.

As we returned to the chairs, we checked out each others rock hard cocks.

"Man, you're pretty well endowed," Greg said.

"Thanks, but so are you."

"I've never had any complaints," he said.

"Neither have I," I replied.

As we sipped our beer he asked, "Do guys like having that tool shoved up their ass?"

"Some do, some don't."

"Man, I bet that hurts like a mother fucker!"

"At first, but you get accustomed to it."

"You get fucked?"

"Sometimes. It depends on who I'm with."

"Damn!" was all he said.

As we had talked, Greg had casually fondled his hard cock, frequently glancing over at mine. Suddenly he stopped, and both our cocks slowly returned to their flaccid state.

At Greg's suggestion we both decided to remain nude for the entire weekend. That suited me totally.

We later prepared dinner and after eating and cleaning up the dishes, we returned to the fire pit and built a small fire. We sat in silence sipping another beer when he said, "Mark, I had an ulterior for bringing you here."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes. Since finding out that you were gay, for some unknown reason to me, I've become curious about having sex with another man. I want to see what it is like, and I was hoping that I could experience it with you."

"Greg, are you serious? You're wanting to have sex with me?"

"Yes. I know I'm married and all but i want to see what it's like to have sex with another man. I want to do it all."

"Fuck! I can't believe this, and i have to be honest with you. It has been my dream ever since you started dating Judy to have sex with you, even if it was only to give you oral sex."

"Really?" he said.

"Oh yea."

"Well, now is your chance if you still want to."

"What do you want to do first?" I asked.

"Let's start slow. You be the teacher, I'll be the student."

"Well, in that case, why don't we go inside and get comfortable in bed," I said as I stood and reached for his hand.

Standing, he took my hand and I led him inside and to one of the beds.

After having him lie down, I lay next to him and began slowly kissing his neck, then his ears,then his eyes. Ever so gently, I placed my lips to his. He moaned softly and as he did, I parted my lips and offered my tongue.

He slowly parted his lips and our tongues began to explore each others mouth. As we kissed, he soon brought his arms around me pulling me closer. Our kiss quickly became more passionate, and our hands began to explore each others body, soon finding each other's hard cock.

Our kiss ended and I began working my way down his body,kissing and licking him. As I gently sucked on each nipple, he moaned softly.

I went down to his crotch, bypassing his cock and gently sucking his balls. He moaned again this time more loudly. Gently lifting his legs I soon buried my face in his hole and began licking it and tongue fucking him.

"MOTHER FUCK!" he exclaimed loudly. "Don't stop."

I ate his ass for several minutes before going back to his balls then to his cock. Lifting it, I gently licked the precum from the tip and as I buried the entire shaft down my throat, he yelled, "OH FUCK YEA! SUCK IT!"

I began sucking my brother-in-law's cock, quickly bringing him to the edge of his climax. I knew his loads were large and I was prepared for the explosion.

Seconds later he screamed out.


I did and after collecting his entire sweet creamy thick load in my mouth I slowly pulled off. With him watching me I smiled and swallowed.

"Fuck, Mark, that was awesome but I can't believe you swallowed it."

"It's nothing but pure protein," I said.

I lay back beside him and he turned toward me and kissed me, tasting the remnants of his on cum in my mouth.

Then, to my surprise he began doing to me what I had done to him, working his way down my body.

He reached my balls and gently sucked on them. Then Lifting my legs, I was surprised when he began eating my ass. He buried his tongue in me, working it in and out. He returned to my balls then to my cock. He began sucking me and gradually was able to swallow it all. I moaned in pleasure and that seemed to turn him on. he sucked more vigorously and soon my climax neared. I warned him I as close but he kept at it and i soon fired off my load into his mouth and throat. he gagged slightly then took it all and after savoring the taste, he swallowed.

After another hot wet kiss, I asked him what he thought.

"Fuck! I've never been sucked like that before and having your tongue in my ass nearly drove me wild. I loved it all."

"What about doing it to another man?" I asked.

"It was hot and erotic. I wasn't sure that I could do it but after starting, I didn't want to stop. When I got to your ass, I started out pretending it was a pussy I was eating but I soon knew I was enjoying eating another man's ass. And sucking cock wasn't disgusting at all, and the cum tasted better than i thought. whet made me want to do it all was the fact that you were letting me do what I wanted the way I wanted and there was no drama or directions. Mark, I've never enjoyed sex so much before."

I looked at him and asked, "You think you'll ever do it again?"

"With others, maybe. With you definitely!"

We cuddled together and as I ran my fingers through his hairy chest, we kissed again.

Before long, from the kissing and fondling of each other, our cocks again became rigid.

"I want to suck you again," he said.

"Why don't we sixty-nine and do each other?"

"Hell yea!" he exclaimed.

I flipped around and seconds later we were devouring each other's hard cock. We took our time, letting each other enjoy sucking and being sucked. Eventually, we both climaxed seconds apart and after swallowing each other's load, he quickly turned and we kissed again.

After the kiss, he looked into my face and said, "Mark, I've never enjoyed sex as much as I have tonight."

"Greg, we've got all weekend to do what ever you want."

"And many more times I hope," he replied.

We cuddled together and soon drifted of to sleep, holding each other.

Just at daybreak the next morning I awoke to find Greg again sucking my cock. Looking down at him I said, "It seems you enjoy sucking cock."

"Yea. It's because I know you're enjoying it and that I'm giving you pleasure. You're accepting it without any reservations even though I'm new at it."

"Baby, you're doing great at it. If I didn't know better, I'd swear you had sucked cock before."

"You're my first," he assured me.

After he got me off, we kissed then I sucked him to a roaring climax. Afterward, we showered together then prepared breakfast, kissing often.

"You know, kissing a man is no different than kissing a woman. In fact it might be better. so many women don't get that much into the tongue action."

"True," I said. "Men just seem to enjoy it more."

"Well, I sure do," he said.

Mid morning we were having coffee out by the fire pit when he asked, "mark, do you like getting fucked?"

"Hell yea. I love it all. Would you like to fuck me?"

"Hell yea. When?"

"Right now. Let's go inside."

We went in, both our cocks quickly stiffening, and once back in bed, I produced some lube and after laying on my back, I pulled up my legs ad lubed my hole and his rock hard cock.

"I prefer getting fucked this way so we can kiss while you pound my ass."

"Perfect, but I plan to go slow and enjoy it if it feels as good as I think it might."

"Fuck me any way you want," I told him.

Seconds later he was sliding his cock deep into my hole, constantly saying how hot and tight it was and how great it felt.

"It feels good to me also. Now start fucking me."

he began slow, pistoning in and out. He found a steady pace and as he fucked my hole, we kissed passionately. Soon his speed increased and i knew he as getting close.

"That's it baby. Fuck me. Let me feel that hot cock of yours shoot deep in me."

"Get ready 'cause I'm almost there."

Seconds later he yelled out loud as his cock exploded, sending rope after rope of hot cum deep into my guts. I loved it and told him so.

Slowly, he pulled out and said, "Your ass is much better than your sister's pussy."

"You think so?"

"Oh hell yes," he replied then said, "I want you to fuck me. I want to see what it's like. You sure seemed to enjoy it."

I warned him again of the pain he would experience the first time and he said he still wanted to get fucked. He lay on his back and I lubed his hole and my cock.

I began my entry very slowly and could see the pain in his facial expressions.

"If you want me to stop at any time just tell me."

He agreed and told me to keep going. I went in slowly and soon told him he had my entire cock up his ass.

"I'm just going to stop and let you adjust before I do anything else," I told him. We kissed passionately with my cock buried in his ass for several minutes.

He finally said the pain was easing up and i began a slow in and out pistoning. Before long he began to moan and I asked if it as hurting again.

"Hell no. It's starting to feel good. You're hitting some spot that is sending waves of pleasure through me."

"My cock head is rubbing across your prostate," I told him.

"Man, It feels like you're going to make me cum again."

"That's not uncommon. Lots of guys climax just from getting fucked."

I began a steady fucking and as i did we kissed again. Soon he said he wanted to feel me shoot up him. I soon gave him his wish as my cock suddenly exploded, sending a huge load of my seed deep into him. As I climaxed, his own cock exploded again sending his load out onto his hairy stomach and chest.

I slowly pulled out and as he said how awesome it had felt, I began licking hos load off of him, swallowing most of it.

I held some in my mouth and as we kissed again, I fed it to him. He eagerly accepted it and swallowed.

"You know you just ate your own cum don't you?"

"Yea, I know, and I loved it. I just might have to start eating my own when I jerk off."

"Hell, I eat my own every time I jerk off. I refuse to waste it."

"Hummmm. Maybe we can jerk off together later and watch each other eat our own," he said.

"Just say when," I replied.

We went for another swim and kissed and fondled each other in the process. At mid afternon, he suggested we jerk off. We did firing our loads out into our hands and together we licked our hands clean.

"That's one way of getting rid of the evidence," he said with a smile.

"You got it. Judy will never know."

After dinner he wanted me to fuck him again. I oblidged and as I fucked his ass he moaned softly. Looking down into his face, I said, "Greg, if I didn't know better, I's swear you turned gay."

"Man, if Judy and I ever split, I doubt I'll go back to another female, but until then, I'll just enjoy both worlds."

Most of Saturday night and Sunday before we returned home we had sex. Greg was totally into male sex and I was thrilled. My most distance wish had come true.

About a month later, Greg invited me to join him at Josh's to watch the game. I agreed and Greg picked me up.

As we drove, he said, "I have something to tell you that you might like."

"What's that?" I asked.

He said that two weeks before, he hd gone to Josh's to watch the game and got there early. He said that he could see into the living room and Josh was watching a bi porn flick and the scene on the screen showed one guy sucking the other guy whle the female sucked him. he said he asked Josh about it and Josh admitted that he loved getting sucked by guys and on a few ocassions had sucked another guy. he said he told Josh it was cool because he had done the same thing. he said before the evening was over that they had sucked each other.

"You're shitting me," I said. "For real?"

"For real, and if you want me to just give me a signal and I'll see what I can get started."

"Nice," I said. "I'd love to watch u suck another guys cock."

"Well, keep in mind that he will fuck but he doesn't get fucked."

"No problem but how did you find that out?"

"While we were talking about it I asked him. I told him that I didn't get fucked either. Maybe if we have sex again in the future, I might let him fuck me."

"Did you say anything about me?"

"No, but I thought that if you gave me a signal, I might start groping your crotch and see what he does."

Hell, feel free to take my cock out and start sucking it," I told him.

We arrived and after a couple of beers I nodded slightly to Greg, and a few minutes later he sat by me and slipped his hand into my crotch. as he did, I spread my legs and gave him room. Josh watched bug-eyed at Greg's action. I could see the bulge in his shorts growing.

My own cock quickly stiffened and Greg quickly unzipped my shorts and extracted my cock. As he began sucking me, he pushed my shorts to the floor and began removing his. i quickly removed my short and motioned for Josh to come closer. He did and when he was within reach, I began to fondle his hard cock then unzip his shorts. he quickly took over and let them drop to the floor. Holding his cock, I pulled him closer ad began sucking him. After a moment, he had both Greg and I stop sucking. we removed the rest of our clothing and once on the floor, I returned to sucking Josh whild Greg returned to sucking me and Josh began sucking Greg. We all soon climaxed and began a three way kissing session. It was obvious that Josh was into male sex more than he let on to Greg.

Later Josh sucked me while Greg fucked me. Next Josh took Greg's place and fucked me adding his cum in my ass to Greg's. Our get togethers after that were more sex sessions than sports watching.

Greg confessed to Josh that he did get fucked and Josh admitted that he did also. It was no holds barred sex after that.

About a year later, Greg got home one Friday and found that Judy had moved all her things out. She called later and said she had met another man and was filing for divorce.

Greg told me and actually seemed happy. She left him with everything including the house. He immediately asked me to move in with him which I did. Out get togethers with Josh went from one evening of sex at his place to a full weekend of sex at our place.

Within the next year, I had fallen in love with Greg and told him so.

"Mark, I fell in love with you the weekend you introduced me to the pleasures of male sex. I loved you more than i ever loved your sister."

"Well, her loss is my gain. Will you be my lover?"

"Hell yes," Greg answered immediately. Josh celebrated with us and on a couple of weekends a month Greg and I would go to neighboring towns and meet lovers that played separately and had sex with them usually in the same room. many times they ended up in hot four ways.

Greg and I have now been together two years and couldn't be happier. I thank my sister every day for bringing him into our lives and leaving him to me.




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