my name is mark am an average dude who like,s simple things (or atlist i thought i did) this is where my story begins;!! it was on one friday morning woke as usual at 8.00 took a bath jerk,d off thats part of my thing to do list before i step out,,, am 23 hot i get pussy twice a week from women i cant remember the next day so am what you call a pure straight guy,,, till i met owen, it all started on one verry lazy monday when mr morgan) my boss asked me to drop some work papers he was to sign at his house am his assistance at a local bookstore,, got there knock,d the door and ther stood the most beautiful guy i have ever seen! ya i used that term to describe a dude,,,,told me his name was owen and i just stood there looking at him like he was a big candy bar,,, took me inside talked for a while then he put his smooth hand on my lap i dint think anything of it just sat there enjoying the company and a cold beer what more could a guy aske for on a lazy monday such as this one.....part two coming soon



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