James slowly inserted the long snooker rod in my ass...Jacob felt like a truck going up his butts. Slowly he abused the boy hole. Jacob could not believe that his step father is raping his hole. The hole of that twink boy got really gaping wide as it took the snooker rod almost half, jacob let out a loud moan. The rod has almost split his butt open wide. And jacob felt his prostrate being hit by the rod. And he geared up to an orgasm. Soon his milk ejected out of his penis. ''oh yeah daddy you did it you hot daddy'' ''yes my boy now its my turn'' james the step father of jacob started to mouth fuck the boy. ''oh yeah oh yeah take it boy take it'' and he milked the boys mouth. Jacob just drank the milk of his step father.

'' I think we should leave soon '' '' yes boy mr.julian will be waiting for us'' and we both left the jungle and managed to reach the house by midnight. But little did they know that something was waiting for them. Mr. julian was seated in the main room. Jacob and James stepped in. They both felt that something was not alright. Jacob was just in his tight red briefs. '' she is gone, she is gone'' it was all that Mr. Julian whispered.

Jacob could not understand whats going on. The night is dark outside and he felt the shivering cold in his nerves. Jacob has lost his wife, his Amanda, and for julian his daughter. Amanda has met with an accident in her work place. The car she traveled was ploughed by a truck. The reports showed it was a mere accident and nothing unusual. Amanda has left jacob.

That night itself jacob, julian and james left the home and went back canceling the holiday programs. Everything was so quick the burial, the ceremonies. By evening everything was silent dead silent. Julian has gone into depression. Even jacob was hurt. His wife has left him. Yes it was true that he carried on the affair with his father in law and then his step father. But he felt his heart broke to see his dad in law in heavy pain.

''its all because of you, because of our forbidden love that this events have taken place. We should not have done this.'' '' no dad it was just an accident.'' '' whatever it is now I don't want you anymore, you are my son in law and now my daughter has left me. My life has become meaningless, and so is you''

Julian has spoken his heart. Jacob had nothing to do with his life here. He just moved as he was, in his jeans and shirt. The rain started to pour and he walked through the lonely road.

To be continued......................................



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