Sweat trickled through his forehead, and his legs were aching. James had spent the whole morning looking for a room with low rent to spend the next few years of his college life. He was a freshman in undergraduate computer science program in the New York University. The hostel accommodation charges were high and the scholarship he won did not pay for anything other than his classroom fees. His pocket money was limited and so he needed a room in the city with low rent from where he could work and also study. But searching in vain for the whole day, he could not come up with any available room. However the effort made him tired and his stomach grumbled for some food. He looked around for a cheap stall and found one alongside a park. It was a small stall that sold burgers and pizzas and James found himself running towards it. After he had taken his burger, he went and sat on a park-bench under the shade of a tree and began to eat his burger. The burger felt good with the cheese melting inside his mouth. He was enjoying it but not for long. It was only his second bite when someone crashed right upon him making him drop his burger. James was shocked and hurt. When he picked himself up, James saw that he was a boy of about fifteen or sixteen maybe who crashed upon him. He was taking deep breaths and he looked exhausted. His face was covered in dust and James saw a tint of terror in his eyes. His left hand was bruised and blood was flowing out of the wound. James felt pity and he quickly helped the boy back to his feet. "Are you all right?" asked James.

"Sorry for that, but I need to go. They are after me" the boy replied in a voice that showed his fear for someone, the person he was running from. "Wait you are hurt and who is following you?" asked James. "That is me. Or you can say us." James turned at the voice and saw a group of five boys dressed as rugby players grinning wickedly at him. The boy who spoke to him seemed to be their leader. He was of good height and a muscular physique like all rugby players are. He advanced and tried to grab the boy but James held his hand to stop him. "Whoever you are mister, I don't think this boy is in a condition to deal with you and so may I please request you to leave him aside." said James. "I don't think you have that right and if you don't give us the boy I think you will be unnecessarily thrashed by my boys here. However we would not be sorry about that at all. So will you please?" mocked the leader. The leader once again stepped forward but James stood between the boy and the leader. "So be it." said he and the leader threw a punch aiming James face. James moved one step back and held his punch in midair and placed a strong punch on the leader's stomach making him cough blood. He fell down on the ground grunting in pain. The other four boys seemed shocked and afraid at the easy defeat of their leader and took their leader and ran away. One of them looked behind at the lad and shouted "We will come back for you and you are not going to escape us then." James waved at him mockingly and turned towards the boy who was by now hiding himself behind James. There was a sign of relief in his eyes as he now sat on the bench cooling himself down.

"So what is it between you and those guys? Why were they after your ass like hungry dogs?" asked James.

"They are from the university. We made a business deal. And they did not abide by the terms. So I called the deal off and that pissed them off. So they were hunting me. But you taught them a nice lesson. Luka has never kissed the ground before. But you had him do it. Real tough of you." He said happily.

"So that huge American stud rugby player was Luka. What I did was just to protect you from the thrashing and also because of them I could not have my burger." said James sadly pointing to the half-eaten burger which was now on the ground being eaten by ants. "Oh, sorry about that. Allow me to buy you one" the boy said.

After buying burgers the boy continued "thanks again for the savior you are to me. By the way I am Sean Thomas, a student in high school. And who are you? "

"Well, Sean I am James Clark. I am a freshman in the New York University, the undergraduate computer science program."

"So what are you doing in the city? I mean you came around for something?"

"Well, actually I was looking for a low rent room in the city but it seems my luck is a bit too tough on me today" replied James, his tone show the sadness it held.

"Low room rent? And how much do you have in your pocket?" asked Sean. "I am afraid I will have to say that's not much." replied James.

"My friend low room rent without having much money in your pocket means you are looking for a room that's for free. I will have to say there are no chances to that. But taking in account that you helped me against those bastard motherfuckers I will convince my cranky old granny to allow you to be my room partner, if that's what you agree to. What do you say?"

James eyes twinkled with happiness. He was so thankful that he pulled Sean towards him in a brief hug and that was the first time Sean felt the firm well build muscular body of James against his. Though the hug was momentary Sean was happy that James hugged him. As he led James to his small flat in an old apartment just a bit away from the city, he could not help himself from admiring the young stud James was. Sean was impressed the way James looked. He was about 6 feet in height, had broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His upper body rested on long legs and he had beautifully carved round ass that flexed in his tight jeans in a way that made Sean spell bound. Sean was equally charmed with James's boyish look, an oval shaped face with a round nose, deep blue eyes, thick red sensuous lips and a strong jawline. His head was full with dark black hair that was a bit long and fell to his ear length on either side.

As soon as James reached his flat, Sean took him inside and introduced him to his granny. The old lady was definitely cranky but she did allow James to fit in. After they arranged themselves inside the small room, Sean told James "Hey pal I think we need an agreement here that we can sleep on the same bed because I don't have another one other than the single bed in my room." "Surely I won't have a problem with that. After all we are boys. What possibly we can do?" joked James. "I am going for a bath and you make yourself comfortable." Said Sean as he changed into his underwear and wrapped a towel around his waist and went to the bathroom.

James after he had arranged himself went around the flat to make himself acquainted. As he crossed the granny's cramped room he saw her sleeping. He moved ahead but stopped in front of the bathroom. He heard some groaning sounds coming from inside the bathroom. He was puzzled. He knew Sean was inside and wondered what he was groaning for? He bent down and peeped through the keyhole. Though the picture was not that clear, he could see Sean leaning against the wall and slowly, while jerking his long thick tool slowly. With his right hand, Sean was stroking his 6 inch tool while with his left hand he was caressing his left nipple.

As the hot water had by now washed away the dirt, James was able to see the handsome prince Sean was. The boy was about 5 feet 8 inches in height, the colour of his body a creamish white. His dirty blond hairs were cut short. He had a baby face, he was cute looking with those brown eyes and full lips and small nose. It seemed he recently started some gymming, because a few muscles were starting to show near his belly and chest. The boy had a small waist probably 28 inches and a big round firm ass. James felt his cock stir and his heart crave for the sweet boy Sean was. He saw Sean turn around and stand with his back towards the keyhole. Now Sean bent a little and his left hand came searching for his ass hole. With a little pressure he began fucking his ass himself and give violent jerks to his manhood. Soon after sometime, Sean turned and James saw nice spurts of cum shot from his tool and washed away by the water. "What a waste" James sighed and got back to his room. He was on fire. His body demanded release. His long tool stirred violently and wanted to tear out its way out of his pants. James knew he could not resist. He unbuttoned his pants and let them fall on the ground. He pulled his underwear down to his ankles and started stroking his 10 feet long and as thick as a coke can cock. He closed his eyes to visualize Sean and with his left hand began to rub his balls while he jerked his tool with his right hand. He was moaning by now. He was halfway when he felt a something wet wrapping around his manhood. Shocked he opened his eyes and saw Sean on his knees with his tool inside his mouth. James stepped back.

"I thought it would be a matter of utter shame if you do it all by yourself and I don't get the pleasure of enjoying your body. And to tell you the truth I have been dreaming about this right from the moment I saw you in the park. You are a gorgeous Greek god" said Sean.

"And you are a dirty little bitch." said James.

James pulled Sean towards him and lifted his body in his arms and began kissing him on his lips. James thick lips against the soft full lips of Sean felt wonderful. Sean opened his mouth and James's wet tongue sipped inside his mouth. Their tongues wrestled with each other exchanging their saliva and they were enjoying it. Sean wrapped his legs around James waist and held his head between his hands as he kissed James. Then James let him down. Sean began to unbutton James's shirt while he still kissed him on his lips. As his shirt went off Sean was delighted to see the ripped hunk body of James. He had a wide chest that narrowed down to a slim waist, he had rock hard abs, there was a slight hair on his body, around his two perky nipples and a golden trail of hair ran down his abs to meet a thick patch of hair that has been trimmed well around his pubic. James waist was followed by two legs that were long and had thighs strongly built. His balls were huge. Sean could not contain himself and he flung himself on James kissing his right nipple. He took it inside his mouth and began to play with it with his tongue. He sucked at it while with his hands he began to feel James body his abs and his tool. As he continued to suck his nipple James lifted Sean and took him to the bed. He laid him on the bed and began to play with Sean's body. He started caressing his smooth hairless body with his rough hands, and pinched his nipples. Sean moaned aloud in joy. Then with his tongue he began to lick his body all the way down to his cock and then engulfed his cock inside his mouth and began to suck it deep. He pulled the foreskin back and began to lick the head and started to suck Sean deep. Sean arranged himself in 69 position with James and too began to deep throat his massive cock. James big cock felt good inside his wet mouth and Sean began to use all his tricks on cock sucking on his tool. James was beginning to enjoy his cock sucking. He let Sean's cock go away. He sat himself on the couch and sean began to suck him. James held Sean's head and began to fuck his head. He was moaning aloud in pleasure. James started moving his ass and his big cock began to hit Sean's throat. Sean wanted to take it in but could not. It was too big for him. so he let go and begged James to fuck his ass instead. James nodded pleasantly. He again took Sean to his bed and made him lie on the bed with his ass up in air. Then James bent down to bring his face closer to his ass hole and smelled Sean's ass. The smell was exotic. James was excited. He pushed his one finger inside Sean's hole and after exploring inside for a bit, took out and licked his finger clean. Then holding his ass cheeks apart so that his ass hole was as exposed as it could be, James pushed his wet tongue inside the hole. Sean gave out a loud moan. "yeah my love, its dirty, lick it clean" said Sean and flexed his ass. "yeah baby I will" said james and he gave a tight slap on his ass. Sean screamed in pain and james continued to lick his ass. Then he pushed two of his fingers inside his ass and began finger fucking him. after that he turned Sean around. Sean was lying on his back, his legs pulled up to his shoulder, his ass hole exposed. James placed himself between his thighs and without any warning pushed his huge cock inside Sean's tight hole. Sean was screaming in pain. James pulled his tool out and then again pushed it all the way inside Sean. Sean loved it and so did james. He began fucking him hard and fast and Sean continued to scream aloud. He sometimes abused james to excite him and every time he did a slap rested on his ass cheeks and the fucking got harder and faster. After what seemed an eternity to sean, he felt james's cock stiffened inside him and after another few seconds he heard james grunting as he released hot jets of semen inside Sean. Sean had already come by this time. They both were sweating profusely by now, and their bodies smelled of cum and sweat mixed together. James looked into sean's eyes and gave a gentle kiss to him on his lips which sean gladly returned. As they finished and turned they heard the cranky voice of Sean's granny coming from outside the room, " boys you make a hell lot of noise."

James laughed and so did Sean. They knew a lot of noise is what going to be heard in this room from now on.................................................




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